Plant-based nuggets sales see 200% increase since the start of lockdown


Creators of arguably the world’s most realistic plant-based meat, UK company THIS, has teamed up with the hottest new 100% plant-based food delivery brand WTF! to launch a Willy Wonka-style golden ticket campaign – except with gold nuggets. 

All of next week (27 July – 2 August), daily golden surprises will be delivered to randomly selected hungry nugget lovers. By ordering Golden Nuggets from WTF! on UberEats or Deliveroo, customers lucky enough to receive a box of shimmering nuggs, as well as bringing some sparkle to their meal, will automatically be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win a year’s supply of plant-based nuggets (that’s 288 nuggets for each person!). 

WTF! are you waiting for? To win the supply, customers simply have to share an image of the golden nuggets on social media, tag @wtf.burger and and a daily winner will be selected.

Salih Sheikh, head of marketing for WTF!, commented: “Our mission is to always leave people thinking “WTF!” – whether that be through our menu, the nutritional value of our burgers, or our choice of ingredients – unprocessed, high in protein and good for the gut. Simply put, we are here to blow your mind, and what can be more mind-blowing than opening your delivery to find edible, glowing Golden Nuggets shining and shimmering in your face?”

Andy Shovel, co-founder of THIS, added: “It’s really great to collab with WTF – another brand that has defied the odds and actually grown during lockdown. This is definitely a golden opportunity to win some nuggs.”

As a result of Brits reducing their meat intake, trying new plant-based options, and ordering takeaways more regularly, WTF! has also reported a 200% sales increase for their nuggs, since the start of lockdown.

Order your nuggs now to be in with the chance of winning a year’s supply of plant-based nuggets: