PlayStack launches Snatch, a mobile game for brands that want to play


Games publisher PlayStack has launched Snatch, a radical new AR mobile game that reinvents the marketing approach by rewarding consumers for playing with their favourite brands.

Using the powerful augmented reality tech that sits inside everyone’s phone, Snatch is a next-generation mobile game that offers an enhanced and playful view of the world. Players hunt for parcels containing mystery prizes from Snatch’s brand partners. These are brands which the player has chosen to interact with, immediately increasing engagement rates by ensuring the product or campaign is relevant to each player.

Prizes include products, experiences, subscriptions, discounts and exclusive offers. Once a parcel has been collected by a player, they’re challenged to protect and defend it from others for six hours in order to unlock the reward, ensuring the consumer stays engaged and loyal to the brand before accessing the hidden prize.

Snatch also allows brands to transform their physical retail spaces into digital Safehouses, encouraging increased footfall and dwell time in high street stores and pop-ups. The game’s pilot drove over 500,000 retail store check-ins, demonstrating the power of the game to drive footfall.

Snatch helps brands truly connect with their audiences through the fun of a parcel hunt and defeance battle. It’s for brands that want to interact with their audience, rather than interrupt them with skippable ads.

Engagement statistics from the pilot prove how brands reap the benefits from this approach. Those which piloted Snatch, reported up to 12.5% sales conversion from users landing on their website directly from the Snatch app. The average ROI was 5:1, compared to other more traditional digital channels.

Reflecting on its campaign during the Snatch pilot, Maeva Wright, Affiliates & Partnerships Manager at Graze commented “Snatch is a strong customer acquisition channel for Graze. The app drives high sign-up volumes and is on-track to achieve our ROI targets.”

PlayStack’s CEO Harvey Elliott said: “We are proud to bring Snatch to launch.  After seeing the huge impact Snatch achieved during the pilot, we were impressed with its potential and unique proposition in a crowded market – and we are excited to see how we can use the game to evolve modern marketing. 70% of the current Snatch players are millennials who are notoriously hard to market to, it has never been more important for brands to tear up the rulebook and take a more interactive and engaging approach to branded content. We can’t wait to partner with more top brands to implement this new approach through our dynamic game.”