Plenty promotes Reader Recommended stamp on kitchen roll range this Christmas


Kitchen roll brand, Plenty, is promoting the results of consumer testing on its range, which it claims makes the perfect household companion this Christmas.

The range has been awarded a Reader Recommended stamp for 2013, which recognises products have been best-tested by consumers at home, and verified by the experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Test results revealed:

  • 82% agreed that the Plenty range is very versatile
  • 87% agreed that Plenty The Original One is perfect for mopping up spills and grease
  • 76% agreed that Plenty The Fat One is ideal for use as a napkin
  • 82% say they prefer using the larger sheets in Plenty The Big One for bigger tasks
  • 95% agreed that Plenty Super Strong is better for tougher cleaning tasks than normal kitchen roll, and 82% of testers agreed they didn’t need to worry about germs building up on it 

Plenty, the UK’s number one kitchen towel brand, currently holds 24.1% value share and is growing both in value and volume. The SCA-owned brand has a growing customer base, with the highest brand loyalty in the market, capturing 46.4% of its shoppers’ spend.

The brand also has the most valuable shoppers in the market, on average they spend more on Plenty versus its nearest competitors and what’s more, Plenty shoppers will buy more rolls (14 per year) than any other brand shoppers.

With changes in consumer behaviour resulting in shoppers recognising the benefits of household towel as a core part of a household’s cleaning armoury, there is a growing desire for products that meet specific needs around the home, especially during the busy festive season.

Plenty is perfectly placed to satisfy this requirement, offering consumers a convenient and effective solution to achieve a sparkly clean home this Christmas.

The range includes Plenty The Original One, Plenty The Fat One, Plenty The Big One and now new Plenty Super Strong:

Plenty The Original One

At this time of year, consumers are likely to need a versatile household towel for those inevitable festive spills or to get the house in order for festive visitors. Plenty The Original One is exactly that; strong and absorbent even when wet, it’s great for a myriad of festive tasks, from mopping up spills to dabbing excess grease off roast potatoes.

Plenty The Fat One

Plenty The Fat One offers the same great benefits as The Original One, but is perfect for families who use a lot of HHT – especially at Christmas. With 50% more sheets on a roll vs. The Original One (two fat rolls equal three standard rolls). The Fat One also saves on space at this busy time of year, both in the home as well as in store –crucial at this time of year.

Plenty The Big One

For shoppers looking for something to tackle those bigger cleaning jobs in and out of the home this festive season, Plenty The Big One is the HHT for them. Its extra-large sheets make The Big One perfect for cleaning windows and drying floors in preparation for Christmas guests.

Plenty Super Strong

Plenty Super Strong offers the cleaning power of a cloth in a paper towel. Great for those tougher or nastier cleaning tasks where consumers would normally use a cloth, use Super Strong to clean the hob after those big Christmas meals or cleaning scum from the bath and shower ready for festive guests.

The Plenty range is available in all major supermarkets and selected independent retailers.