Plum Organics buys British counterpart, Plum UK, to create leading baby brand

L to r: Scott Wotherspoon and Neil Grimmer

L to r: Scott Wotherspoon and Neil Grimmer

US organic baby food brand, Plum Organics, has acquired its British counterpart, Plum UK, to create one of the UK’s largest baby food brands. 

The new business will be called Plum Inc.

With a combined retail sales of $120m USD, Plum Organics said its acquisition of Plum UK creates a powerful force in boosting healthy eating among babies and children. The UK baby food category is worth £219m, of which organic accounts for £91.7m. The organic sector of the market is growing at 5% by value.

Plum UK, which enjoys a 90% awareness rating among British mums, was founded on the premise the best food for babies is real food, with a wide variety of flavours and a focus on savoury dishes to try to prevent the development of a sweet tooth. Most recently, the company experienced a 24% increase in distribution with the launch of its Taste Adventures range of globally-inspired cuisine for babies aged 10 months+.

In the US, Plum Organics was the second fastest-growing food business in 2012 and is rapidly closing in on the number one position in organic baby food, driving 71% of the category growth. In 2012, Plum Organics expanded its offering to include a range of organic snack products geared towards the nutritional needs of infant school-aged children. 

These sister companies share more than a coincidental common name. Both were created in 2006 by passionate parents with a shared vision of making organic nutrition more appealing and more accessible. Individually, each company has proven to be the leading innovator in their respective markets. Joining forces, the companies benefit from combined supply chains and distribution networks that will now span the US and the UK. 

Scott Wotherspoon, CEO of Plum Baby, said: “Plum Organics is known in the US as a game-changing innovation hothouse. The success of their expansion into the toddler and kids categories proves the strength of the Plum brand. We can’t wait to capture some of that momentum by bringing their products to little ones in the UK and beyond.”

Neil Grimmer, CEO and co-founder of Plum Organics, said: “From the beginning, both companies were inspired by love to improve the health of our little ones by making great tasting organic food a part of a family’s busy lifestyle.

“Like Plum Organics, Plum UK is a ‘David versus Goliath’ brand filled with passionate people that are inspired to use the power of business to make a difference in the world. We’re excited to continue this mission together.”