Polish superfoods brand, Intenson, looks to expand in the UK market


A Polish company, Intenson, a leader in superfoods distribution in Poland, is expanding in the UK. Intenson products have been available for some time in TK Maxx stores in the UK but now the company is planning a further offensive on the British market.

“We are talking to distributors from England about introducing to their market superfoods products with the Intenson brand. We are aware that the British market is better developed than Polish. However, if we want to develop, we have to compete with the best ,” said Michał Lasocki, the founder and owner of the Intenson company.

“We address our offer mainly to stores, warehouses and chain stores. We are talking to potential distributors and investors. I would like to see in the future Intenson products on shelves of most British stores.”

Products not processed, free from genetic modifications

The Intenson  range includes many products connected to healthy lifestyle –  complete, rich in nutrients and vitamins, and so called superfoods.

Among them there are fibre, muesli, seeds and grainy products, natural sweeteners, oils, salts, flours, dried fruit, herbs, coffees and teas.

The range is free from genetic modifications, pesticides and other methods and substances causing harm to consumers’ health and the environment.