Popcorn Kitchen debuts Platinum Jubilee bottle

When it comes to shared snacking and light and crunchy ‘pass-it-around joy,’ nothing says informal friends and family outdoors gatherings better than a huge bottle of low calorie, hand-popped popcorn from Popcorn Kitchen.  

Fully recyclable/reusable bottles have been a mainstay of the Popcorn Kitchen armoury for a little while now. Now the brand has introduced a Platinum Jubilee bottle, which is already listed in Selfridges, Eat 17, Kingdom of Sweets and Van Hage Garden Centres (to name a few stockists).

“It’s exciting times for Popcorn Kitchen,” adds Louise Webb. “With our 2021 launch of naturally flavoured popcorns inspired by timeless English puds, cakes and confectionery (Lemon Drizzle, Choc Mint, Salted Caramel, Raspberry White Choc and Chocolate Orange), we are transitioning from a regional artisanal stalwart to a nationwide purveyor of magnificently moreish treats. Our specialist subject is supporting stylish artisanal strongholds: delis, cafes, gifting emporiums, prestige garden centres, food halls, farm shops….where our supermarket dependent peers rarely venture. We want to bring differentiation and in-store theatre to the party and the Platinum Jubilee bottle dovetails perfectly with our proud English, artisanal fayre values.”


The Platinum Jubilee bottle, complete with 100% recyclable/reusable plastic bottle (550g), contains Popcorn Kitchen’s hero Sweet & Salt line and retails at £23.99.