Popularity of One Stop’s market-leading promotions boosts profits for franchisees

One Stop franchisees have been praising the national retailer’s promotions as their stores see increases in footfall, sales and profits thanks to the popularity of the deals with their customers.

One Stop’s promotions, including the £3 Meal Deal, the 3 for £1.20 on chocolates and the 3 for £5 on beers and ciders, have been welcomed by franchisees who can give their customers great deals directly from their neighbourhood store.

Raj Sangha, from One Stop in Birmingham, says: “One Stop have got it right when it comes to their promotions and they’re as good as anything the big supermarkets can offer. This means our customers can get the products they want at a great price on their doorstep, as the promotions are second-to-none.”

Since moving his stores to One Stop from a symbol group, Naresh Gajri from Cranhill Glasgow, has seen particularly strong sales with the ever-popular Meal Deal: “It’s the largest improvement we’ve seen so far. In the past we used to sell very few sandwiches, but since moving to One Stop we’ve seen a 200-300% increase in sales and they’re now our best seller! Promotions are very important as they allow us to give better value to customers and a reason for them to come back to us again and again.”

There has been a significant profit increase for Naresh’s stores too, as customers buy more when shopping in One Stop, thanks to the range of great value products: “The average customer’s shopping basket has improved as they’re doing more of a ‘family shop’ with us. Another immediate benefit we’ve seen is the increase in our margin; we used to make between 18 and 19% and now we’re making about 22%. Gross profit has gone up as well.”

Blair Southwood from Louth One Stop has also seen an increase in profits since moving to One Stop and the promotions are valuable for him as a store owner: “Promotions are important for the store because they bring people in and keep customers coming back. They know the deals are excellent and good value for money. One Stop promotions give us a profit margin of around 20% and are therefore really worthwhile for us.”

When delivering promotions franchisees are supported with everything they need to make them a success with simple ‘How To’ guides, point of sale kits for every period and support on One Stop’s social media channels and website.

John Miller, One Stop’s head of franchise, says: “We give our franchisees promotions that deliver margins typically over and above the average store margin. The best deals don’t just bring customers into your store – they put more on your bottom line, too. They deliver increased footfall, higher profitability and greater loyalty, while customers enjoy market-leading promotions.”

Alan Fincham from Attleborough One Stop has been delighted with the level of support: “The promotional point of sale from One Stop is amazing! It arrives at the beginning of the promotion and is tailor-made for each store, so we have exactly what we need. It’s simple and clear, with instructions of exactly what we have to do with it and where it needs to go.”

Jonny McQuarrie, One Stop’s managing director, adds: “Our promotions are popular with both customers and franchisees thanks to our fantastic, ever-changing range of items. We have hundreds of different products on promotion every month with great deals on food, drink and household lines – including plenty of big brand names. These offers continue to drive footfall into stores and drive profits for our franchisees.”