Portaltech Reply awarded Global Service Delivery Partner of the Year by hybris for end-to-end service management


Portaltech Reply, the Reply Group company specializing in providing ecommerce implementation and multi-channel consulting services, has been recognized as Global Service Delivery Partner of the Year by hybris, a leading provider of omni-channel commerce software. The award was made during the SAP Hybris Summit 2016, held in Munich 15-18 February 2016. hybris is an SAP company.

The prestigious Global Service Delivery Partner of the Year bwas awarded to Portaltech Reply thanks to its skills in handling end-to-end service management for its customers. Portaltech Reply provides service management on digital platforms, which are critical to achieving high levels of service availability, a stable platform to do business with, and agility and responsiveness for changing needs.

Portaltech Reply was selected to support the development of next-generation SAP Hybris omni-channel customer engagement and commerce solutions for the travel industry. The company has been accredited as one of the leading worldwide services partners for SAP Hybrissolutions. As a result of the excellence of multichannel e-commerce projects developed on the SAP Hybris Commerce solution, Portaltech Reply holds a Platinum Status and was previously named by hybris as a Partner of the Year in 2012, 2011 and 2009.

Balasubramaniyan Nandakumar, partner at Portaltech Reply, said: “I dedicate this award to every employee at Portaltech Reply. They have demonstrated commitment, focus, excellence, determination and technology mastery in a consistent and coherent manner to every one of our customers.”

Portaltech Reply’s focus for the future will be on rewriting the approach for service management and moving away from the traditional service contract model. This does not work for the modern and agile commerce platforms when the customers are always on. Portaltech Reply wants to support customers through world-class service management processes, technology and monitoring toolsets.