Porter Foods adds chestnut products


Porter Foods is introducing three chestnut-based products, targeted at foodservice and manufacturing.

The chestnuts used in the range are sourced from Galicia in Spain, where they are renowned as a nutritious delicacy, says the company; unlike other chestnut brands in the UK, which source their chestnuts from China.

The three lines are:

  • Whole Organic Chestnuts peeled and cooked 10x1kg (RRP £58) vacuum packed for added freshness
  • Whole Chestnuts peeled and cooked 10 X 1kg (RRP £58) vacuum packed for freshness. Porter Foods says its whole chestnuts have a good consistency and are ideal for stuffing and pates where texture is desired
  • Chestnut Puree (unsweetened) 475g (RRP £58). Porter Foods Chestnut Puree comes in a convenient tray and is said to be ideal for use in stuffing and puddings