Portfolio Home trials plastic free, eco-friendly packaging on new bed linen designs


Manchester based home textile supplier; Portfolio Home has unveiled its new eco-friendly, sustainable fabric packaging as an alternative to single-use plastic often used on bed linen packaging. 

The new plastic-free packaging, which is being trialled on three brand new designs initially, is made using the same high quality polycotton fabric as the duvet cover sets but has been coated in a specially formulated soil-resistant and water-resistant treatment to provide additional protection to the end product. With its specially formulated treatment, the bag is robust enough to be handled with little damage and can safely stored away in retail outlets or a consumers home. 

Unlike single use plastic packaging, Portfolio Home’s new fabric bag packaging has been designed to be reusable which provides consumers opportunities to use the bag for different reasons all whilst maintaining a beautiful decorative design that reflects their chosen bed linen. Prior to their fabric bag innovation, Portfolio Home’s range of bed linen came in LDPE 4 packaging which can be recycled to help protect the environment.

“As a society, we are becoming increasingly aware of the horrors of plastic and the impact on our environment and what the change in our packaging represents is exactly what more ethically-minded consumers are demanding from manufacturers – sustainable products in suitable packaging without a heavy price tag” said Paul Callan, Managing Director of Portfolio Home. 

It has been estimated there are over 150 million tonnes of plastic in the world’s oceans and that it is set to treble by 2025*. Every year one million birds and more than 100,000 sea mammals die from eating and getting tangled up in plastic waste. “Making both our products and their respective packaging as sustainable as possible or as easy to recycle is an important step for our business and we will continue to develop our packaging to be recyclable or reusable for the greater good.”

Many supermarkets and retailers within the UK have already pledged to go plastic-free by the end of 2023. Portfolio Home aims to evolve their plastic-free packaging after their initial trial and are hopeful to inspire other businesses within the home and gift sector to consider their everyday plastic usage and make changes sooner rather than later.

“Our customers and their consumers have told us that they want to see more environmentally friendly changes and we’re pleased to have made real strides in our journey to becoming more sustainable” concluded Paul. Portfolio Home’s new packaging will hit all good online and retail