Potts Dawson and Good Energy team up on green kitchen guide

New carbon cutting kitchen guide

New carbon cutting kitchen guide

Green chef and eco-entrepreneur, Arthur Potts Dawson, has teamed up with the utility company, Good Energy, to produce a kitchen guide, featuring energy efficient cooking tips and recipes.

According to the guide, the kitchen accounts for over a third of the average household’s energy consumption.

Tips to cut the carbon in the kitchen include basing more meals around vegetarian sources of protein and buying organic produce from farm shops or farmers’ market for higher welfare standards and more sustainable production methods.

The guide suggests comparing the carbon footprints of different standard supermarket meats, if time is an issue; and provides advice on ensuring fridges operate at optimum efficiency.

The guide promotes the use of microwaves and slow cookers as well as steamers, which enable food to be cooked in layers over just one hob.

Potts Dawson supplies a range of which of recipes, which include seasonal produce and low carbon ingredients plus ideas for using up leftovers.

The guide concludes with a seven-day low carbon cooking challenge and low carbon cooking tips from Good Energy customers.