Poundland accelerates chilled and frozen food rollout


Just days after acquiring frozen specialist Fultons Foods, Poundland is stepping up the rollout of its chilled and frozen food offer as its transformation brings more choice to shoppers. 

Up to six stores a week are set to get the cool makeover – the installation of chiller and freezer cabinets – from October to December in what has been internally called Project Diamond Ice. 

Phase two of the programme will bring chilled and frozen food to a further 40-plus stores by Christmas, in addition to the 70 stores that were converted by September. 

The ranges have been developed in partnership with Fultons Foods, a leading frozen food specialist which this month became part of the Poundland family in an acquisition that is the start of a £25 million investment in chilled and frozen over the next two years. 

Items in the range include everyday meals and snacks, including ready meals, pies and pizzas, as well as frozen desserts and ice-cream, such as: 

  • McCain Taco Fries 650g                              2 for £1.50 
  • Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burger       75p or 2 for £1 
  • Starbucks Skinny Latte                                £1 

For the full list of stores being converted this month, including three stores that will get an extended chilled range, please see the table below. 

Managing director of Fultons, Poundland’s new chilled and frozen food arm, Karen Rees said: “Now we’re part of the Poundland family, we’re immediately rolling up our sleeves to begin work on the next phase of the Diamond Ice rollout. 

“By Christmas, we’re looking forward to bringing chilled and frozen food to another 40 Poundland stores.” 

Helped by the acquisition of Fultons, Poundland expects to bring its chilled and frozen offer to as many as 500 stores over the next two years. 

Project Diamond Ice is a multi-year transformation programme that is bringing significant new offers to Poundland customers. 

Its PEP&CO clothing shop-in-shops are already in more than 310 stores and its new PEP&CO Home brand launched in August across its 800-plus estate.