Poundland doubles £1 faux tulip bouquet stock amid potential Brexit flower crisis


This Mother’s Day, value retailer Poundland has doubled its stock of £1 faux tulips to ensure customers can still gift the classic Mother’s Day flower regardless of how Brexit lands.

Leaving the EU on 29 March with a no-deal Brexit is predicted to cause severe transport delays at Britain’s borders with increased checks on imported goods. Fresh cut tulips could become one of the many victims1, with flowers potentially wilting before they cross the channel.

Poundland has swiftly reacted to reports that 22,000 varieties of fresh flower will be affected by Brexit by doubling its faux tulip order to bulk out stocks across the nation. It wants to ensure millions of customers aren’t left without flowers to gift on 31 March.

The retailer has reported a doubling of artificial flower slows (204 per cent) in the first quarter of 2019 versus the same period last year, proving fake flowers are in full bloom amidst the concern over fresh flower availability.

Tulips are the most popular flower for seasonal gifting (47.9 per cent of all flowers sold)2 and Poundland’s Brexit busting £1 bunches not only look as good as the real deal but come with a promise of no wilting – as those stuck at the border are expected to.

Poundland’s gift buyer Frances O’Sullivan said: “Brexit will affect all businesses differently and we need to be prepared. Whatever the effects of the recent Brexit votes, we want our customers to carry on as normal. Gifting their mums tulips on Mother’s Day is just one part of this, so we’re making sure they can do it affordably.”