Poundland launches best-selling Twin Peaks chocolate in Australia


Following the success in the UK, Poundland today confirmed the launch of its best-selling chocolate bar Twin Peaks in Australia, in Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Fruit & Nut Chocolate variants. Since its return to shelves, the value retailer has seen sales of Twin Peaks rise to three million since last October, with the original Milk Chocolate variant selling 1.4 million bars alone.

Made in the UK, at Birmingham-based Walkers Chocolates, Poundland will be launching the original Twin Peaks bar down under this August. The Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Fruit & Nut Chocolate bars (all 180g) will be widely available through the independent sector for $2.50 AUD.

The bars will still feature its distinctive shape, representative of the different heights of Shropshire’s Wrekin and Ercall hills, and the same delicious British milk and white chocolate flavours. 

Originally launched in December 2017 with a limited run of 500,000 units, Twin Peaks became an instant success rivalling other confectionery branded products. Containing 20 per cent more chocolate than the 150g Toblerone stopped making to sell in UK discount stores, Twin Peaks has filled the chocolate void.

A year later, Poundland’s Twin Peaks chocolate bars returned to UK stores after a dispute with a major confectionary brand was finally settled. Loyal fans queued outside the stores and, as predicted, the bars flew off the shelves as customers fought to get their hands on as many as possible. The popularity was such that they were selling on eBay at one point for up to 15 times the original cost.

Tim Bettley Poundland’s trading director said: “We’ve given Aussies our criminals, cricket and the royal family. And now it’s time for them to go wild for the chocolate bar Brits have been going mad for since it went (out)back in stores.”

The UK shouldn’t worry though, to add to its existing range, Poundland is launching two new flavours later this year; White Chocolate Cookie Biscuit Crumb and Popping Candy, after releasing the Crunchie Caramel chocolate bar variant in stores this month.