PowaTag hits the streets of Denmark with outdoor advertiser, AFA JCDecaux


The people of Denmark are said to be set for a retail revolution this year as mobile commerce leader Powa Technologiesteams up with AFA JCDecaux, a subsidiary of the world’s largest outdoor advertising corporation JCDecaux.

Shoppers will be able to purchase products 24-hours-a-day with their smartphone simply by scanning specialised tags on the thousands of billboards, bus shelters and other street furniture created by AFA JCDecaux. PowaTag interacts with any form of media to allow users to make purchases and other transactions in just a few taps, fundamentally transforming brand engagement with an entirely new sales channel.

The announcement comes as Powa partners with Danske Bank, Denmark’s leading bank, to provide full PowaTag capabilities through MobilePay, the free banking app used by more than two million Danes. The app is the market leader in the Nordics, with over 12 billion kroner in transactions processed since its launch.

With Denmark leading the way towards a cashless society, the Nordic country will be the first to experience the revolutionary service with AFA JCDecaux – and more countries to follow suite in the near future.

JCDecaux operates in more than 60 countries across the globe. It is the largest company within advertising media for street furniture in Denmark, and it operates in 28 of the country’s largest municipalities, and at five airports.

Casper Claudius Gregersen, commercial director of AFA JCDecaux, said: “We are dedicated to offering our business partners outdoor solutions of the highest quality and strive to integrate innovative approaches which make our offerings world-class.

“PowaTag is a perfect solution for taking our advertisements to the next level, transforming them from a way of attracting attention to a point of instant action. Together with PowaTag’s partnership with MobilePay, this deal means our clients will immediately be able to reach an audience of more than two million. With 58% of Danes using smartphones for shopping, and 42% taking action within a month of seeing an advert in the street, this is the perfect time for us to form this exciting partnership and bring new value to our customers.”

Today more than 85% of Danes have a smartphone, and e-commerce sales are thriving in the country, with salesbooming to €54.5bn in 2014, an increase of 31% from 2012. Denmark is planning to scrap obligatory cash payments, and 33% of Danish eCommerce is conducted via a smartphone or tablet.

Dan Wagner, Founder and CEO of Powa Technologies, said: “The advertising platforms created by AFA JCDecaux are a universal part of daily life, making them the ideal stage for brands to attract consumer attention. PowaTag will enable them to turn impulse into action at the peak of their interest.

“People’s lives are becoming increasingly more centered around digital technology, and the Nordics demonstrate this better than almost anywhere else. The high smartphone penetration and move towards a cashless society make this the perfect environment to demonstrate what PowaTag can do.”

AFA JCDecaux has 48 per cent market share in the Nordic country and will utilise the PowaTag offering in 20 key cities including Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense and Vejle.

PowaTag’s world-beating platform makes use of a combination of technologies, including Bluetooth beacons, digital audio watermarks, visual tags and embedded social media links. More than 1,200 global brands have signed up as partners with PowaTag, which empowers consumers with the ability to buy products in seconds.