PPA advises retailers on magazine voucher promotions

The PPA (Professional Publishers Association) has published industry-agreed guidelines for retailers on best practice in magazine voucher promotions.

The downloadable document, entitled Magazine Coupons & Vouchers: A Retailer’s Guide, is designed to maximise retailer revenues from promotional schemes while minimising risk. It supplements the PPA’s comprehensive 40-page best practice guide, released earlier in the year to educate and support publisher members in the running of successful coupon and voucher schemes.

The best practice guide was created by the Voucher Redemption Working Group, a cross-industry working party led by the PPA and comprising representatives from the National Federation of Retail Newsagents (NFRN), the Association of News Retailers (ANR), and the Association of News and Magazine Wholesalers (ANMW). The group was formed in light of a dramatic rise in voucher mis- and mal-redemption. Consultation has also taken place with coupon redemption houses and the Institute of Sales Promotion (ISP).

The NFRN, in its endorsement of the guide, advised members to “only accept bona-fide vouchers against the purchase of named newspapers and magazines and abide by printed conditions and industry best practice”.

Similarly, the ANR stated: “Vouchers are a valuable marketing tool from which the whole industry benefits. ANR members are encouraged to accept all valid vouchers and ensure that they are only redeemed in accordance with the terms and conditions.”

Steve Easton, chairman of the Voucher Redemption Working Group, said: “This best practice guide for retailers represents an important step forward to improve the understanding of operating successful voucher schemes. It is extremely important that we safeguard and develop this valuable promotional tool for the future and all stakeholders are encouraged to fully brief their teams to gain maximum benefit.”

Magazine Coupons & Vouchers: A Retailer’s Guide and the full best practice guide can be downloaded from the Retail channel of the PPA website at www.ppa.co.uk/retail.