Premier League’s top pie maker, Poole’s, adds frozen lattice-top fruit range

Top pie maker, Poole's

Top pie maker, Poole’s

Wigan-based pie manufacturer, Poole’s, has launched a frozen range of lattice-topped fruit pies. The pies, which come in five flavours – apple, cherry, rhubarb, apricot and blackcurrant – are the first products to be launched under the auspices of new managing director, Neil Court-Johnston.

Court-Johnston believes these latest offerings will hit the market at just the right time as the country swells with patriotic pride following the Jubilee celebrations and Olympic Games.

Court-Johnston said: “There’s a real lack of high-quality British-made puddings and desserts on the shelves at the moment so what better time to launch a range of fantastic fruit pies, than when the country is basking in the glory of the Jubilee and the Olympics?

“It seems ludicrous that, as a nation that is renowned for great puddings, we’re importing desserts from around the world. Our pies are made from the best local ingredients and hand-finished to the highest standards with probably the finest shortcrust pastry you’ll ever taste – why should we be enjoying desserts from elsewhere?”

Poole’s said it prides itself not only on the quality of its pies, but also on the provenance of the ingredients it uses, including a special blend of UK flours and home-grown fruits that represent a true British taste experience.

According to Poole’s, the frozen desserts sector has been affected by the economic climate but has weathered the recession better than other areas of the food industry as people look for more cost-effective treats.

The company hopes a combination of value, quality and a growing desire for more authentic or traditional desserts, will lead to a warm reception for the new range. Plus, the new pies will comfortably feed a family of four so everyone can enjoy a tasty British pudding, it said.

Poole’s was established in 1847 as a local craft bakery, which ultimately became a household name in the North West. Dave Whelan bought the company in the late 1980s, transforming the Wigan factory into a state of the art 300,000sq ft. plant that could make up to 100,000 pies and pastries an hour.

Poole’s has won the Premier League Best Pie Award over three consecutive years.