Premium e-cigarette brand, VIP, launches the UK’s first Skystorm advanced personal vapouriser


VIP – the premium e-cigarette brand – has launched the UK’s first Skystorm advanced personal vapouriser.

New personal vapouriser

New personal vapouriser

Around 100 times more powerful than a normal e-cigarette, the Skystorm AM30 device is designed to help vapers find their ‘sweet spot’ and features a powerful 2,000 mAh integrated battery, a faster processor and an upgraded printed circuit micro board. With a stylish, compact look, the device has been created to allow vapers to use a reduced strength e-liquid, while still getting the same ‘kick’ from their vape.

The vapouriser has an integrated battery and a variable voltage and wattage feature, meaning vapers can use the device for a higher performance, customised, vaping experience.

It also contains features to help make the transition to advanced vaping an easy process for even the most novice of users. Such features include an atomiser short protection, atomiser resistance and even an OLED display which tells the users how many seconds they have inhaled for.

Compatible with all VIP clearomizers, the device is available at £45 (RRP) in VIP stores and online at