Premium homewares outlet launches online with mission to make British retail more sustainable


Peyton & Tyler, a brand-new premium homewares outlet, has now launched online. Founded by Bernard Yu, Peyton & Tyler is tackling the extortionate amount of waste that’s needlessly generated by high-end retailers when it comes to their unsold stock; these goods are typically shipped back to their country of origin or, in many cases, are destroyed completely. Peyton & Tyler is a solution connecting outlet shopping with online, luxury e-commerce. Through partnering with leading retailers and sustainably re-distributing their unsold stock, Peyton & Tyler are preventing valuable, sought-after goods from going to waste. Instead, they’re made accessible to a wider consumer demographic, simultaneously protecting these business’ reputations. Peyton & Tyler is set to redefine the world of retail, making it a more positive, inclusive and sustainable industry moving forward.

The unsustainable handling of stock is an increasingly poignant issue. A number of boutique premium brands do not have a channel to sell overstocked products or unsold goods; in these instances, the solutions available to them are limited. More specifically, they are limited to launch a sale on their own website (which can have negative effects if organised regularly, for customers come to rely on their sales and discount codes), create an outlet (which is not economically feasible for boutique brands), sell to a non-specified outlet, for example TKMaxx (which means they sell at a loss and risk brand dilution), return goods to the manufacturer for credit (this can be costly and incur charges, in addition to the environmental impact of shipping) or destroy goods to protect their brand, an action which incites an array of environmental consequences. 

To address and rectify this issue, Peyton & Tyler has been developed. With previous experience in sustainability-based roles, Bernard Yu had witnessed the implications of this problem first-hand. As such, he felt determined to develop a solution which would disrupt the industry, inspiring positive, much-needed change. Meanwhile, in the midst of the pandemic, Bernard saw a rising demand for more affordable luxury goods among consumers; this, they felt, could make for an incredibly fruitful and sustainable partnership. Now, retailers can sell their unsold goods through Peyton & Tyler, reaching savvy customers who want to make the world of retail greener and less wasteful. 

The benefits of Peyton & Tyler to a brand:

  1. A channel to sell overstocked goods which will act as a brand custodian.
  2. No risk of brand dilution through sales or selling through a generic outlet.
  3. No upfront outlet costs.
  4. Ability to reach a wider pool of consumers, now bricks and mortar outlet stores are closed.
  5. As a brand custodian, we will ensure that only brands of a similar calibre will be stocked alongside your business’ goods.
  6. Environmental benefits of selling goods locally, instead of these being destroyed or sent back to their country of origin for credit.

The benefits of Peyton & Tyler to a consumer:

  1. Ability to curate their homes with leading brands at a fraction of the cost.
  2. The brands featured on Peyton & Tyler have been carefully selected by us.  We will only work with brands who demonstrate ethical and environmental practices.
  3. Supporting brands which have UK roots – our aim is for 60% of the brands we work alongside to have a base in the UK.

Discussing the project and why he feels Peyton & Tyler is capable of creating pivotal change, Bernard Yu says:

“I am very fortunate to have lived and worked in various countries; I grew up in Australia and moved to the UK around 12 years ago. I then met my wife, Doris, and we started a family. I have worked in the corporate world for a number of years, fulfilling directorial roles in various successful organisations. As part of this, I worked to enhance business’ green energy and sustainability efforts, projects which exposed me to the unsustainable practices that are demonstrated by countless businesses. This is often not due to a lack of consideration nor care for the importance of sustainability; in many cases there simply aren’t financially viable, simple solutions which promise to protect a business’ profits as well as the needs of its customers and sustainability responsibilities. 

I soon identified that many smaller, boutique brands don’t have an outlet to sell overstocked/old goods. Upon researching the issue in more depth, I found that a lot of overstocked goods were being destroyed or sent back overseas. This realisation inspired me to launch Peyton & Tyler; it’s needed, wanted and represents a more sustainable ideal that we all need to strive for.

Launching a business during a global pandemic was always going to be a daunting task, however we are thrilled to have received a very positive and enthusiastic response so far. We are currently working alongside Loveramics, a popular ceramics merchant, Sttoke, Hario, Kilner and Mason Cash, bringing their unsold products to consumers in an environmentally-friendly, profitable way. Now, as we launch and look to the future, we are excited to see our business grow as we work with more retailers to improve their current policies and practices.”

Peyton & Tyler is a premium homewares outlet store for niche, premium brands. Their objective is to create value for the customer whilst minimising brand dilution, ensuring businesses maintain their premium feel whilst pursuing more sustainable distribution channels. Profit and sustainability are not mutually exclusive and this is a message Peyton & Tyler are determined to share.