PrePay Solutions offers Ticketmaster e-gifting via Facebook in UK and Ireland


PrePay Solutions, Europe’s leading prepaid services company, has teamed up with Ticketmaster UK to launch a Facebook delivery mechanism, allowing consumers to purchase and deliver e-gifts via the social networking site in the UK and Ireland.

PrePay Solutions has worked with Ticketmaster UK and Hemingways to launch a programme that connects with the user’s Facebook account in order to create a personalised delivery. 

The system allows the purchaser to search their list of Facebook friends by name or by birth date and then deliver the e-gift via a post on the recipient’s wall. 

The post contains a click-through to Ticketmaster’s hosted website to access a unique e-gift code. The purchaser can add an individual message, and the recipient and friends can then comment on the post. Consumers can plan in advance and schedule the delivery of these e-gifts to be sent on a specified day in future.

Another innovation is a ‘print and fold’ option. This means the purchaser can buy the digital e-gift and print it out themselves, folding the paper into a visually attractive gift which looks like a gift card. This will enable those who want to buy their gift on the day and then have a presentable gift to give to the recipient.

Chris Edmonds, managing director, Ticketmaster UK, said: “Ticketmaster’s virtual gift card programme has clearly demonstrated the virtual gifting market has arrived in the UK and Ireland and is set to grow significantly over the next few years. We’re pleased to be working with PrePay Solutions on this and our customers love the convenience and instant nature that our e-gift solution delivers.”

Ray Brash, managing director, PrePay Solutions, said: “The launch of the virtual gift card programme brings Ticketmaster’s offering to a wider audience and enables the consumer to buy or redeem an e-gift at their convenience. It provides a gifting solution 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thereby fitting in with consumers’ increasingly busy lifestyles.

“The use of social media is the natural extension of any virtual gift card programme, because it offers a personalised approach enabling friends to comment and ‘Like’ your e-gift.”