Prescription delivery app aims to help NHS frontline pharmacists under Covid-19 pressure


As Covid-19 lockdown continues in the UK, the 50 per cent of the population reliant on repeat prescriptions could save unnecessary trips to pharmacies and GPs by ordering medication through prescription delivery app, Healthera.

Ordering medication through the Healthera app means that patients can have prescriptions delivered to their home or an address of their choice. This eliminates the need for unnecessary trips to the GP and pharmacy, as well as reducing pressure on GP dispensary and pharmacy staff as they battle against Covid-19. Healthera is listed on the NHS apps library and assured by NHS Digital for public use.

Through the app, vulnerable individuals, often suffering with chronic health conditions, who are being shielded and isolating at home, can easily communicate with their local pharmacy on the availability of the regular medication they need and when they can expect to receive them.

For the 29 million people* reliant on repeat medications in the UK, the Healthera app allows them to manage and track their orders for vital medicines, using their mobile phone. With nationwide coverage, the app connects patients with Healthera’s network of over 1000 community pharmacies including national chains such as Superdrug, and regional chains like Weldricks and Paydens. Healthera offers a delivery time of 2-4 days including the receipt of the required GP approval for prescriptions, this compares with the typical delivery time of 10-14 days for online pharmacies that distribute by mail.

Healthera’s inbuilt messaging system also enables pharmacists to communicate with their patients, both as a community and individually, through an encrypted, secure messaging service, helping to keep those in self-isolation informed and educated on the latest advice from health professionals about how to stay safe and well. This service helps to prevent apprehension about medication availability, which is common amongst vulnerable groups at this challenging time. Using the digital system also helps to protect local pharmacists in a number of ways: from risk of exposure to the virus; from the risk of abuse from distressed patients, reported to be on the increase (by General Pharmaceutical Council); and from loss of income.

Quintus Liu, co-founder and CEO of Healthera, commented: “Under the COVID-19 pandemic there is a greater demand than ever for patients to have essential medicines delivered to their homes, especially for the elderly and vulnerable. We have risen quickly to the challenge by launching Healthera Delivery Partner, where we connect patients to a local pharmacy within our network, who can fulfil their order and guarantee on-demand local delivery to their door for free of charge. While online pharmacies are struggling with long waiting times and limited capacity, we are working to ensure that the fastest, most reliable way of obtaining medicines can be accessed from every neighbourhood.”

Martin Hao, co-founder and COO of Healthera, said: “Pharmacies and GP practices provide vital services to local communities, and ensuring that they operate smoothly is essential for the country to combat Covid-19. Healthera is in a privileged position to support these local healthcare providers during this unprecedented situation by enabling them to provide fast, accessible prescriptions services to patients within their region upon patient’s request. We are proud that our technology is reducing the pressure and safeguarding their business during this trying time.”

The Healthera mobile app is available now to download on iOS and Android. Healthera is fully GDPR compliant and takes the privacy and data protection of its users very seriously, every effort has been made to ensure the security of its databases. All communication relating to prescriptions and patient consent is managed via secure NHS mail.