Prezzybox analyses site data to reveal gifting predictions for 2021


Using its own on-site data, the gifting site has predicted the gifting habits of Britons for 2021, after analysing the purchases and average spend in 2020.

First, they looked at the average spend per customer for various gift-centric holidays for 2019 and compared this with the average spend in 2020 to see how much it had increased by. Every holiday analysed saw an increase:

1.     Christmas av spend (1st-25th Dec) increased by 10%

2.     Valentine’s Day av spend (20th Jan-14th Feb) increased by 7.23%

3.     Father’s Day av spend (1st-21st June) increased by 6.94%

4.     Mother’s Day av spend (1st-21st March) increased by 6.69%

Whilst a large portion of last year was spent in-and-out of lockdowns or restrictive tiers, the experts believe gift spend will only continue to increase this year, especially for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day which will now be spent in another lockdown.

Next, the team outlined the top-selling products for each holiday to uncover trends likely to be carried over into this year. Britons can certainly expect a personalised chocolate-themed gift this easter, with four out of five of the top items having a personalisation element.

Mother’s should expect to receive pamper-themed gifts or soft-furnishings come Mother Day, with eight of 10 of the top selling items fitting into these categories.

Personalised gifts are once again likely to feature as a highly popular Valentines choice if 2020 is anything to go by, with seven of the top 10 purchased items around this romantic date boasting a personable factor.

Looking ahead to December, pamper packs and pre-booked experiences will certainly be a popular choice for Christmas, and unsurprisingly emerged as the busiest time for the Prezzy Box team in terms of site visits and purchases. Depending on the situation regarding COVID and the stay-at-home measures in place, if the UK does continue in various states of lockdown then online shopping is likely to remain just as popular and the gifting industry will need to prepare for multiple high-volume traffic days in the run-up to Christmas.

Chloe Gardiner, PR and marketing executive at, said: “Last year certainly came with many challenges for all industries but as many spent time away from loved ones, the gifting industry became increasingly important as we were able to deliver loved ones meaningful presents whilst they were unable to see their family. Personalisation was certainly the theme of the year as people wanted their gifts to be tailored specifically to their mum, dad, partner, or friend. We expect personalisation to continue to reign supreme, especially this Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day as we continue to be locked down.”