Primesight, MediaCom, Kinetic and Newslink synchronise DOOH and radio in Subway campaign

Primesight, MediaCom, Kinetic and Newslink are synchronising digital out-of-home (DOOH) ads with radio spots in a major campaign to promote Subway’s popular pulled pork sub.

The ads, launched on 10 May and running for two weeks, focus on the flavour of slow cooking and use Primesight’s Network of Digital 48s and Digital 96s in tandem with radio spots with Newslink, combing national reach across both channels.

The campaign will drive product and brand awareness and is designed to increase footfall to Subway’s high street stores.

Martin McGinnis, business director, Primesight, said: “It’s great to see Subway continue to invest in out-of-home and embrace new products. The teams at MediaCom and Kinetic are keen to use DOOH products to their full potential, not just treat it as another poster site. The syncing of radio and DOOH is a good example of this, but just the start of a longer term plan to use the format in more dynamic ways.”

Sophia Bates, account director at MediaCom, said: “It’s an exciting time for out-of-home with the footprint of digital growing fast. The campaign is embracing DOOH across the whole country by making full use of Primesight’s Network. This national reach makes the format essential and also amplifies classic OOH, which we use for reach and impact.

“To be able to deliver an audio visual message to the masses by synchronising digital out-of-home with radio is a power tool. Radio emphasises the slow cooked nature of the product and the OOH ads showcase the delicious flavour of the sub.”