Primo Aperitivo announces two additions to classic Italian cocktail range – Sbagliato and Americano

This November, Primo Aperitivo is excited to announce two new additions to its Primo Aperitivo range –
the Primo Aperitivo Sbagliato and the Primo Aperitivo Americano. These classic Italian cocktails will
sit alongside the simple yet sophisticated Primo Aperitivo Negroni in the Italian cocktail range.

The Primo Aperitivo Sbagliato is an exceptionally refreshing cocktail and is Primo’s take on one of the
trendiest cocktails in Italy. The Sbagliato was born in Milano in 1960 and it was the result of a simple
mistake of the bartender that switched gin with sparkling wine while he was making a Negroni.

The Primo Aperitivo Americano, is a classic Italian Aperitivo, with a refreshing and striking mixture of
flavours. Initially named “Milano-Torino” due to the origin of the ingredients, it was renamed
“Americano” as the popularity of the drink grew amongst Americans after small changes to the recipe
in the 20th Century led to the addition of soda water, creating a lighter, more refreshing flavour.

The two new additions to the Primo Aperitivo range bring their own unique element to the Primo
collection, as both the Americano and the Sbagliato are carbonated upon bottling, adding a touch of
sparkle to any Aperitivo hour.

Primo Aperitivo will be the first ever brand to release the Americano and Sbagliato cocktails in a sharing
and ready to serve format.

Inspired by Italy’s famed pre-dinner ritual of the ‘Aperitivo moment’ Primo Aperitivo is a range of classic
cocktails that encapsulate the authentic Italian Aperitivo experience, perfect for sipping whilst
unwinding and enjoying life’s special moments. Primo Aperitivo is created by Italian-born mixologist
Filippo Previero. Filippo, inspired by his Italian heritage, wanted to create and bottle the perfect
Aperitivo moment – creating an accessible yet special drinking experience that captured the spirit of
this Italian tradition. Starting with the Negroni, the Primo Aperitivo team created a range of cocktails
accessible to everyone, to be enjoyed with good company wherever they are. The Primo Aperitivo range
provides a modern take on traditional classic recipes, with an aim to remain as sustainable as possible
by using home-made ingredients and recycled materials for production.

Produced at Casoni distillery in Modena, the heart of Italian Gastronomy, Primo Aperitivo is created with
sustainability in mind and is produced and bottled using 100% renewable energy without compromising on flavour or taste. Every spirit and liqueur is produced at the distillery using fresh ingredients; lowering the carbon footprint and creating the best balanced recipe. Each gift pack that houses the bottles is packaged in 100% recycled materials and is completely recyclable, with the bottle itself made up of 30% recycled glass. To provide consumers with full transparency, Primo Aperitivo uses blockchain authentication to make it easy to access detailed information on the ingredients and production used to create each bottle.

Founder of Primo Aperitivo Filippo Previero talks on the curation of the brand, said: “We wanted to create a range of high-quality, authentic Italian Aperitivo cocktails that encapsulate and deliver a real Aperitivo experience that is accessible, enjoyable and unique to each drinker. It’s important for us to be innovative and bring Made in Italy around the World but we have to be authentic and mindful of sustainability.

“We have found that life’s best moments are often shared and Primo Aperitivo offers an unrivalled at-home
drinking experience, bringing you a taste of Italy to savor with loved ones no matter where you are in the world.
We hope you’ll enjoy it. Salute!’”

The Primo Aperitivo Sbagliato is best enjoyed poured over ice in a rock glass and garnished with a slice of pink grapefruit.

The Primo Aperitivo Americano is best enjoyed poured over ice in a highball glass and garnished with a slice of lemon.