Primula Cheese unveils new look for squeezy cheese tubes


Primula Cheese has unveiled a fresh, new look for its famous squeezy cheese tubes, with the brand-new packaging on shelves now.

The iconic tubes have been given a bold, colourful makeover that demonstrates food appeal and highlights Primula’s ‘made in Britain’ proposition, while at the same time still reflecting Primula’s 95-year history.  

The new design, which was developed directly with consumers, boasts updated, fresh photography and colours and heroes Primula’s high cheese content and real added ingredients – the elements fed back as most important by consumers.

The serving suggestions on each tube have been updated to reflect modern taste preferences and highlight Primula’s versatile usage, in both hot and cold foods. Out go the cucumber and celery and in come mouth-watering burgers, oozing poached eggs bagels and spicy prawn tacos. Primula’s real added ingredients also feature prominently as garnishes or ingredients in the dish to further differentiate between the flavours.

An update to the font reinforces Primula’s high cheese content, with big, bold, unmissable ‘cheese’ branding, as well as playful, colour-coded, ‘squeezy’ font that highlight each different flavour. The colour-coding continues to be reflected in the overall packaging design, ensuring consumers can easily recognise their favourite flavours.

Each tube has also been branded with the Union Jack to showcase that Primula is proudly made in Britain, and now carries the “no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives” messaging in a prime spot on the front of the pack.

While the tubes have been given a modern, new look they still reflect Primula’s heritage as the original cheese spread, with the traditional image of a milkmaid, which was included on Primula’s first packaging in 1924, remaining a prominent feature of the new tube design.

Lisa Thornton, head of marketing at Primula, said: “We’re delighted to unveil our brand-new look for Primula. We worked extensively with our consumers to deliver a design that highlighted the elements that were key in the buying decision for them.

“The bold, colourful look reflects our playful, fun nature but also drives home the messaging that Primula is made with real cheese and real, added ingredients.

“It was also really important for us to highlight that we’re proudly made in Britain. Our colleagues in Gateshead in the North East work tirelessly round the clock to deliver millions of tubes to supermarkets across the UK and Ireland to ensure everyone gets their Primula fix!” 

The new look is also reflected in Primula’s ‘Flavour Burst’ series, with the Union Jack and font standing out against the striking black packaging. Launched last year with Primula Cheese ‘n’ Jalapeños, the range that delivers an intense, cheesy kick is now adding Primula Cheese ‘n’ Paprika and Primula Cheese ‘n’ Peri Peri too.

Not only are the new-look tubes on shelves now, but they’re also featuring in Primula’s latest TV ad. Airing on ITV for five weeks, the ad features an all-new Primula family that demonstrate the cheese’s many usages, whether that’s squeezed into hot meals, used in place of grated cheese or the base of a light snack. It’s the second time in as many years that Primula has aired a TV ad, in a bid to target busy families.