Princes to move tuna multipacks into fully recyclable packs – with a target of March 2022 to be plastic free


Princes is moving its tuna multipacks into fully recyclable packs, with a target of March 2022 to complete its journey. Princes is the first brand in the UK to offer a plastic free solution across tuna multipacks. Tuna 4 packs are now in cardboard sleeves, with tuna 3 packs following by September and tuna 6 packs already developed with the aim of being in-store by March 2022.

The move is part of Princes Group’s goal of all packaging being 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

Princes Fish has invested £1.2 million in a new integrated campaign focused on sustainability including updated TV, digital and social advertising supporting the brand’s move from plastic sleeves to cardboard. The campaign features new paper-cut style artwork – showing the beauty of the ocean and the versatility of card and paper – with new ads on TV from 24 May.

In September, Princes unveiled research which shows that a third of households have become ‘greener’ since lockdown came into effect – demonstrating consumer demand for environmentally conscious products and brands.

OnePoll researchers polled 2,000 adults who live with someone else, to explore the dynamics of the typical family when it comes to living greener and being sustainable.

The study found that more than half admitted they never used to take sustainability seriously, although they have completely changed that since the lockdown restrictions began.

Children are behind the move to a greener lifestyle – 58 per cent of parents admitted their little ones have driven them to be more sustainable thanks to their passion for the planet. Buying canned food to cut down on food waste (27 per cent) is another way households have improved.

Neil Bohannon, group director at Princes, said: “The move of our multipacks to cardboard is an important stage of our journey towards being plastic free – something we know is vitally important to our consumers. We will continue to invest in this despite the other challenges faced in the current climate, demonstrating our commitment to our own sustainability journey as well as the support we can offer our consumers.”

Princes has been one of the nation’s favourite food and drink brands for generations, offering a wide range of food and drink products including canned fish, meat and fruit, as well as fruit juices, sandwich pastes and snacks.

In May, Princes unveiled its brand-new range of on-the-go Fruit Pots, meeting shopper demand for healthier snacks.  In a UK first, Princes Fruit pots is 100% recyclable and plastic free – with an aluminium pot, easy peel aluminium lid and a cardboard sleeve. Princes Fruit Pots are available from 31st May in the canned fruit aisle at Tesco stores and online, plus, the SRP is single facing, reducing much needed space on shelf. Each Princes Fruit Pot will come in a twin pack of 2x120g, with an RSP of £1.35.