Printed communications help enhance connections with customers


Digital technology might be advancing at a significant rate but that doesn’t mean print is dead. In fact, it still holds a great deal of value for retailers and businesses alike and can even be used to complement your digital marketing efforts.

A neuromarketing report from PostNord measured how the brain responds to different types of communications. The report found that print still holds great value, with people able to focus more on printed advertisement at first exposure than digital advertisement. It also found there was more of a positive reaction to printed marketing, which means that the best way forward might be to hit them with printed marketing initially and then follow up with digital afterwards.

The key findings from the report were that people find it easier to focus on printed marketing and that longer and more detailed messages are easier to communicate in that medium. Digital marketing might be more immediate, but it generates a greater cognitive load, which means there’s weaker emotional engagement and a greater potential to generate stress. 

Better together

What this all means is that a combination of both mediums is the best happy medium for businesses wishing to push forward. Print offers great value and a more direct emotional connection, and there’s no need to invest in expensive new technology. The perfect middle ground would be to utilise a combination of printed and digital signage that provide different information that is relevant to the medium, like adding websites or QR codes for people to scan using their smartphones.

The printed marketing, for example, could be for the more long-term messaging that will remain relevant for months or years – printed posters that get across the brand values and culture more than daily deals or promotions. 

Digital marketing, meanwhile, could contain the more transient messaging that can be changed every day or week. You could even have information on a slideshow so there was different advertising being shown on a loop. It’s all about print and digital working together in unison so that retailers can maximise their marketing for all channels.

Still relevant 

Traditional marketing still has an important place in our increasingly online world. Print isn’t dead and is a valuable tool to use alongside other marketing strategies.

Posters and flyers are just one avenue to consider and one major benefit of print marketing that you might not initially consider is that there is no need for data protection! And with data protection being such a major concern in the 21st century, that can only be a good thing and proof that print is still a necessary alternative.