Pro Green partners with Quaker in the fight against UK child food poverty


Ahead of World Food Day, new research commissioned by Quaker, found 72% of parents think that not having a nutritious breakfast would negatively impact their child’s work at school. To give children the fighting start they deserve, Quaker is donating up to half a million more breakfasts to charity Magic Breakfast, in a new campaign #FillABowl this winter.

The donations are on top of the 2.9 million breakfasts pledged for the year ahead. Rapper turned campaigner Pro Green, joined Quaker in the fight against child food poverty, as there are still 2.5 million[ii] children affected by food poverty in the UK today. The research also found nearly a quarter (24%) of parents with children aged 4-16 are worried that their children will underperform in school without any breakfast.

To help set up children for the day and help fuel their potentials, Pro Green joined staff at St John the Baptist Primary School in Hackney, a Magic Breakfast school, to serve out porridge and continue to raise more awareness of the issue ahead of World Food Day. 

Whilst at the school, Pro Green said: “Growing up on free school meals myself as a kid, this campaign is incredibly close to my heart. I can’t quite believe children these days are still going hungry, missing out on breakfast, and therefore not setting themselves up for success before the day even starts. Quaker has already donated so much to Magic Breakfast over the past 12 years, and it is great to be a part of the Fill A Bowl campaign, to feed more school children’s futures and hopefully give them a solid start to the day.”

The extra half a million donations will help to fuel children’s potential, as nearly a third (31%) of parents believe their children find it harder to concentrate in school, whilst the same proportion (31%) think their children have less energy without breakfast. Further, 94% of schools said that concentration and energy levels had increased in class due to having breakfast[iii]

Emily Wilkie, head of fundraising at Magic Breakfast, said: “It’s vital for a child to feel settled and focussed before they start their lessons and, particularly with the start of autumn and the colder weather, a warming bowl of porridge can have a magical effect. It is why amazing long-standing partnerships such as with Quaker help to fuel children’s potentials. It’s fantasticto see Pro Green supporting and getting involved in the cause.” 

The Fill A Bowl campaign builds on Quaker’s 12-year partnership with Magic Breakfast to continue to raise awareness of the issue. Claire Molyneux, head of marketing at Quaker Oats said, “there is nothing better than knowing breakfast donations are helping to feed the fire inside of children and help them reach their full potential. We hope our latest campaign with Magic Breakfast and Pro Green continues to raise awareness and donations for Magic Breakfast and the fantastic work they do.”

To highlight the issue further, Quaker has taken the porridge off packs and replaced it with an empty red bowl, to symbolise the reality of food insecurity in the UK. Just buying one special pack of Quaker Oat So Simple or Quaker Traditional Oats will help to provide up to an additional 500,000 breakfasts this winter, helping a child reach their full potential.[iv] The campaign is also encouraging people to #FillABowl on social media and donate.

Watch Pro Green join in the fight against child food poverty (LINK). Support and find out more about how you can help to feed a future: