PROPER tightens grip on better for you snacking with highest ever revenue figures for 2019


Independent UK snack brand PROPER had its strongest year to date in 2019, according to annual results released today. 

PROPER, which is the UK’s largest independent snack brand, reported 25 percent Year on Year (YoY) growth for last year, as well as record revenue of £15.9m. The figures reported are the highest since the company was founded in 2011. 

The company’s move from PROPERCORN to PROPER in 2019 is part of its ambition to take on the wider Better for You snacking market. This week’s results indicate that this strategy is reaping clear rewards, with its broader portfolio of lentil chips as well as its eponymous popcorn range showing strong growth in all formats.

PROPER founder Cassandra Stavrou MBE credited the PROPER team for the success of 2019, adding that the brand had also shown “both its relevance and resilience” during the COVID-19 crisis. 

“These results reflect the PROPER team’s outstanding focus on creating the world’s favourite snack brand,” she said. 

“The move to PROPER showed our ambition, while PROPERCHIPS became the biggest Better for You launch of 2019. The reception has exceeded expectations. Our ambition for the range accelerates every month with NPD that will extend our snacking portfolio even further.

“During the lockdown period we showed both our relevance and our resilience. Now, the brand feels stronger than ever, and record sales in 2020 for both microwave and PROPERCHIPS demonstrate our continued ambition. 

“It’s fantastic to be connecting so well with snackers across the nation.” 

In popcorn, the PROPERCORN range expanded its majority share of the healthy popcorn market, with its 3 core flavours complemented by the launch of sweet and a new microwave range. The brand’s annual results reveal that PROPER grew its popcorn business by 13% percent and its influence across both grocery and out-of-home, in single and sharing bag format. Its microwave popcorn range—Europe’s first palm-oil-free—also grew by over 300% percent in 2019. 

The launch of PROPERCHIPS took PROPER to new heights. Revenue for PROPERCHIPS, which has the same vivid and distinctive brand design as its popcorn counterpart, accounted for over 10% of sales revenue despite only launching half way through the year. PROPERCHIPS was the most successful Better for You launch in the space in 2019. 

Backed since 2016 by Piper and JamJar, PROPER will be launching further NPD beyond Chips, with an exciting pipeline of products being developed for 2020 and 2021 launches.  PROPER’s international ambitions also continue. The brand has been especially popular in the Netherlands, where it has seen particular success and PROPER aims to continue its growth in the Dutch market.

Strong growth numbers for 2020 indicate that despite the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, the brand continues to grow across its entire range. Chips continued to deliver standout performance, with record sales exceeding expectations. This June, the brand also launched its first national TV advertising campaign.