Pure Leaf launches three new matcha flavours, with flavours to suit seasoned experts and matcha newbies alike


With online searches of matcha tea increasing by over a quarter in the last three years, matcha is making its mark on the nation. To celebrate this growing trend, luxury tea brand Pure Leaf have launched a new range of matcha teas.

Joining Pure Leaf’s award winning range, the new expertly crafted matcha teas are available in three variants, perfect for both seasoned experts and those new to matcha to experience, including:

  • Pure Matcha: 100% matcha, for those looking for a truly traditional matcha experience with a full bodied, smooth and earthy taste
  • Matcha Mint: Delicately flavoured with a hint of all-natural, micro-ground peppermint leaves for a cool refreshing twist 
  • Matcha Ginger: Pure matcha paired with micro-ground ginger root for a subtle warming ginger kick

Made from shade grown Japanese tea leaves, the new range from Pure Leaf is hand-picked from tea gardens in Kagoshima. The distinctive nature of matcha means that the leaves are finely ground, suspended in liquid to form a tea and then ingested, instead of brewed and discarded. Because the whole leaf is eaten, matcha delivers a much stronger potency than a regular cup of green tea.

What makes Pure Leaf’s matcha truly special is the taste. Our tea masters have worked tirelessly to source a matcha leaf that combines the distinctive green tea taste of real Japanese tea leaves, with the smooth taste sensation favoured by British tea lovers – it’s the matcha for people who don’t like matcha!

Available in pre-portioned wrapped sachets so you can enjoy a perfectly portioned cup of matcha every time without needing to measure and avoids any wastage and over-dosing – helpful for a rare tea that costs more than silver to source! With Pure Leaf’s portable little pouches you can enjoy matcha teas and lattes on the go.

There are many ways to enjoy matcha, with the most authentic being to pour a sachet into a cup or bowl with boiling water. Whisk until a froth is formed (Pure Leaf’s tea masters recommend whisking in a W shape for a better foam); and an easy alternative to hand whisking is to use an electric whisk or frother for an extra frothy matcha texture.

Enjoyable both hot or cold, with water or with milk, it is the perfect beverage for all seasons and moods. Here are a few other ways to enjoy Pure Leaf’s matcha:

Ways to enjoy matcha:

  1. Matcha latte: add a Pure Leaf sachet to a bottle, mix with water or milk, give it a shake and enjoy on the go
  2. Matcha smoothies: mix a Pure Leaf matcha sachet with an apple, banana, pear and any other fruit you fancy for a filling start to the day
  3. Matcha espresso: A quick and easy way to enjoy all the benefits of matcha, without being time consuming, giving you more snooze time in the morning, just add water!
  4. Matcha porridge: for a warming and colourful start to the day, mix a matcha sachet into your breakfast porridge
  5. Matcha iced tea: ready to go in seconds, pour a matcha sachet into milk or water, add some ice and enjoy the refreshing and cool matcha taste
  6. Matcha cookies: give chocolate chip cookies a fun twist with the addition of Pure Leaf matcha powder
  7. Matcha macarons: to elevate your matcha even further, experiment with fun macaron flavours and colours, like lemon or mango
  8. Matcha milkshake, mixed with milk and some delicious creamy ice cream for a tasty dessert or mid afternoon pick me up

Joyce Muendo, Tea & Infusions Master Blender: “matcha is a fast growing trend and Pure Leaf has responded to this with the new Matcha range which offers a delicious, vibrant and unique way to enjoy your tea. With the handy pre-portioned sachets, it’s easy to create your favourite insta-friendly matcha lattes at home. Matcha can also be enjoyed in many other ways, such as in cookies, smoothies and cakes – we can’t wait to see how our customers experiment and share their brightly coloured creations on social media.”

The Pure Leaf collection is served in premium, transparent and reusable jars in both loose leaf and pyramid bag options and comes in a wide range of flavours, including: English Breakfast, Black Tea with Vanilla, Green Tea with Jasmine, Earl Grey, Green Tea with Mint, Black Tea with Berries, Chai and Gunpowder Green Tea.

Partnering with some of the finest tea growers from around the world, Pure Leaf supports sustainable farming practices, as a result tea leaves are sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified tea estates and selected at the peak of freshness. 

Pure Leaf matcha is priced at £8.99 and is available from 22 October 2018 in Morrisons, Ocado and Amazon.