Purely Plantain unveils fresh brand identity and secures new investment


Having been one of the leading lights of the UK’s guilt-free/permissible snacking movement over the last two years, it’s not surprising that Purely Plantain comes out of #Lockdown in even better health, with a new vibrant identity/packaging that celebrates the snack’s proud Ecuadorian ties and significant new investment. Scott Livingston (Westlab) from a proven, health conscious pioneer, will help Purely become a lead within the deliciously distinct/sustainable snacking brands fraternity: enhanced brand awareness, distribution wins, sustained online drives and new packaging formats (30g bags).

Recent Lockdown upheavals have only accelerated the search for intriguing new snacks that celebrate nutritional worth, functional benefits and sustainable integrity. Today, 66% of UK adults admit to snacking once a day/ 37% of 25-34 insist they snack, instead of having a proper meal once daily (or more). 

Purely Plantain co-founder/CEO Stefania Pellegrinon said: “Even though Lockdown has been a positive/energizing experience for us in terms of online sales uplift (+29%), we also recognised that an unforgiving pandemic provided the perfect ‘breathing space’ to re-evaluate how our brand was faring and best how we could further stimulate success. Besides ensuring that our production/sourcing processes capabilities had the capacity to match our longer-term ambitions, we were determined to overhaul our historically ‘shy & recessive’ packaging with a new energised and upbeat identity. Research groups historically suggested that our original packaging didn’t sufficiently trumpet our proud Ecuadorian roots, our active support of clean deck World Cuisine or our vocal stewardship of versatile plantain, the unsung yet more nutritious cousin of the banana (rich in bicial fibre, potassium magnesium and A/B6 vitamins). 

“Purely’s strident ‘no synthetic nasties OR palm oil,’ pledge in conjunction with head-turning flavour profiles and a series of energetic Summer/early Autumn distribution pushes with forward-thinking wholesalers, (Healthstore, CLF, Diverse, Springvale Cress) and prestigious retailers, (Amazon, Ocado, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Daylesford, Selfridges, Sourced, Fortnums…..) means tasty, nutrient-dense plantain is very much on the front foot.”