A quarter of Millennials will use their phones in order to avoid relatives this Christmas, Sapio reveals

A survey of 1,000 UK consumers from Sapio Research revealed that phones will be a permanent fixture this Christmas day with each person spending an average of 103 mins each on their phones during Christmas day, with a third of us (32%) spending more than two hours using them throughout the day.

Young people will be amongst the worst culprits as they don’t feel like getting into the festive spirit. Shockingly, a quarter of young people will use their phone to kill time/avoid relatives this Christmas. (26% of 18 to 34yr olds).

But on a nicer note, people still have an overwhelming need to foster specific close relationships as the majority of mobile phone use will be messaging friends or relatives during the big day (76%).

54% will take more selfies this Christmas day than in 2016 and 28% of people will use their mobile to buy next year’s Christmas presents on Christmas Day

With the emergence of smartphones with exceptionally good cameras, taking photos has become part of our daily lives. This won’t change on Christmas Day! Three fifths of the nation (60%) will be taking photos on Christmas Day, with each person taking an average of 8 selfies each. And unsurprisingly, over half of us expect to take more selfies than last year (54%).

Another shocking stat was one that highlighted that only 37% of us won’t be shopping on our phones during Christmas or Boxing Day. In fact, around a third of us will be shopping on Christmas Day itself (31%). Even more shocking, the second most common reason for shopping on Christmas Day is to buy Christmas presents for next year (28%). Are we too organised?

However, some of the online shopping that will take place on the big day will be to keep the peace, as 15% think they’ll be hitting that buy it now button in order to get replacement presents to appease fussy or disappointed recipients. It will appear that clothes retailers will get the biggest boost, as over half of those asked (51%) will be shopping for clothes.

44% will regift Christmas presents this year

Regifting has been a topic of much amusement over the last few weeks, with nearly half of us (44%) admitting to giving presents that we, or our family have previously received. And nearly a quarter of us (23%) will be benefiting from the generosity of others, as half or more of the presents we give will be regifted items.

This is something we are less likely to do the older we get though.

  • Under 24 yrs are particularly likely to do so (32%), compared to only 7% of those over 55 years.
  • Those in Wales, the North East and East Midlands are far less likely to regift, than those in London (67% Wales, 63% NE, 60% East Mids vs 44% London won’t regift)

But what happens when you awkwardly get caught out? 15% admitting to having been caught out in their regifting shenanigans, particularly those in London (26%). This probably isn’t a surprise though as more than one in ten of us (12%) have given someone back their own present as a gift. Oops.