Queen visits Castle MacLellan Foods

The Queen meets Castle MacLellan general manager Elaine McConnell

Her Majesty, the Queen visited the fishing town of Kirkcudbright last week to meet the staff of Castle MacLellan Foods and learn about the positive impact the company’s pâté business provides to the local economy.

The Queen and Prince Phillip visited Dumfries and Castle Douglas in the morning before the Royal motorcade travelled to the Harbour square in Kirkcudbright to meet the team from Castle MacLellan and neighbouring West Coast Sea Products. The Queen was in Kirkcudbright to view a Castle MacLellan exhibition showcasing the current product range, locally sourced ingredients and details of parent company Kavli’s Charitable Trust.

According to Castle MacLellan, the Queen showed particular interest in the use of Scottish ingredients such as juniper berries, Shetland Gin and the Balmoral Honey used in Castle MacLellan’s pâté range. Her Highness was also interested to find out how many local people were employed by the company and about the work of the Kavli Trust. She was impressed by the highly creative use of pâtés in the canapés served and thought there were some good ideas on the tasting table. The Royal party were given a selection of pâtés to take away and enjoy at their leisure.

Castle MacLellan’s general manager, Elaine McConnell, said: “It was such an honour to meet the Queen and be able to highlight the great work done by the team at Castle MacLellan and to showcase the high quality ingredients produced in the area.

It was a private visit organised by Deputy Lord-Lieutenant of Dumfries, Colin Warden, to demonstrate the success of two local businesses and their contribution to creating a strong local economy using quality local products.

Castle MacLellan Foods is part of the Kavli group, a Scandinavian business owned by the Kavli Trust, a charitable organisation set up by the Kavli family in 1962. Profits from the group’s commercial activities are used to support good causes both in the UK and around the world – ranging from disaster relief and fair-trade projects, to dementia research and the support of education and cultural projects