Rakuten Marketing reports double and triple digit growth in affiliate and display channels for Q2

Rakuten Marketing’s affiliate and display marketing channels report continued, strong growth for the second quarter of 2014, and the company announces new clients across its affiliate and display divisions, Rakuten LinkShare and Rakuten MediaForge.

The global, digital marketing division of Rakuten attributes its double- and triple-digit quarterly growth to global expansion, increased investments by existing clients in the company’s technology tools and services, and the addition of new advertisers and publishers.

Highlights for the quarter include:

Rise in mobile commerce. As consumers continue to shop and buy more on their smartphones and tablets, Rakuten Marketing reports that year-over-year (YoY) mobile phone orders in the affiliate channel have increased by 117% in the UK, while the US has seen 87% growth. Mobile phone orders across affiliate also grew 197% in Canada, 32% in Japan, and 28% in Australia. The YoY increase for tablet orders is: 37% in the UK, 21 percent in the US, 157% in Canada, and 55% in Japan.

Advertisers invest more in display and retargeting. In the past year, Rakuten Marketing’s display and retargeting group has seen 87%  growth in its global client base. Specifically, the company reports 147% growth in the UK and 40% YoY growth in the US.

Having entered Japan and Brazil in 2013, the company continues to make inroads in new countries with 804% YoY growth in its customer base in Japan and 667% YoY increase in its customer base in Brazil. Additionally, same-store sales increased 45.2% YoY.

Affiliate marketing continues to demonstrate value of pay-for-performance model. The company’s global affiliate channel reports the following year-over-year (YoY) same-store sales growth: 17 percent increase in the UK, 25% increase in the US, and a 28% increase in Canada. The Australian network, launched in 2012, continues to thrive with same-store sales for the quarter up 845%.

“Having run a successful affiliate programme through Rakuten LinkShare, we’ve recently expanded our efforts to include display advertising through Rakuten MediaForge,” said Michelle Rando, online marketing manager at Joseph. “By working with multiple channels under the same company, we’re able to streamline our efforts and increase the value of our marketing spend. This has resulted in a 199% increase in traffic YTD and 339% increase in orders generated YTD.”

New clients, or existing clients that have added additional Rakuten Marketing channels this quarter include affiliate advertisers: Ernest Jones & H.Samuel in the UK, Talbots, Rhapsody Music, Maidenform, and Capezio in the US; and Coco Ribbon, Bio Elixia, RunStopShop, Jeans West, and Hotel Club in Australia.

The following advertisers have recently started working with the display and retargeting group of Rakuten Marketing: Monica Vinader in the US and UK, Joseph in the US and France, and Amara in the US, UK, and Japan.

“There are many factors behind the success of Rakuten Marketing. These include global expansion, strategic acquisitions, and our continued investments in the technology and resources that enable clients to win,” said Tony Zito, president, Rakuten Marketing. “The reality is, we wouldn’t have achieved any of these milestones without the true partnerships that we’ve formed with our growing advertiser and publisher community. We’re committed to their success, which means our interests align perfectly with theirs.”