RatingsPlus aims to re-write the ratings rule book, on- and offline

A new ratings system – RatingsPlus – has launched, offering a real time, on- and offline solution, which it claims is perfectly suited to today’s fast-paced, consumer market.

According to the company, it is widely accepted that poor customer ratings directly affect a business reputation and sales.

Today’s consumer is well serviced by their ability to find deals online, contact brands through social media and research any business before choosing whether or not to make a purchase through that brand, said RatingsPlus. The range of choice means consumer tolerance for poor quality products or services is dropping fast and businesses must keep up with the high standards in order to retain customers.

For businesses, obtaining feedback can be a time-consuming process involving lengthy surveys, which in turn inconvenience their customer base. For larger businesses that use market research companies, insights from feedback often come in the form of long lists of pre-digested data with no way of contacting particular consumers who have had a brand experience. In addition the use of market researchers to conduct, collate and report on surveys, leads to considerable expense for the client, the company adds.

RatingsPlus said its system not only offers a place where customers can leave real-time feedback and suggestions but it also rewards members for the time taken to rate and answer two quick-fire questions, which can take under a minute to complete.

The market today is lacking a customer satisfaction solution that meets the needs of omni-channel businesses. RatingsPlus was designed to fill this gap in the market by providing businesses with a system that incorporates:

  • Hassle-free feedback
  • Real-time insights
  • Perfect timing
  • Direct feedback to key management
  • Unbiased opinions
  • A better relationship
  • An alternative to expensive market research

RatingsPlus gives businesses insight into their customers by providing them with a constant flow of real-time feedback aligned to specific KPIs of the business. Every customer that responds is rewarded with epoints – the universal currency behind RatingsPlus.

Partners will also benefit from insights such as sentiment analysis and a unique satisfaction score, said RatingsPlus. These insights will be used by businesses to inform critical strategic decisions, marketing campaigns, and alleviating problem areas within the business.

The solution has been trialled across a range of online and offline businesses and has been successful, RatingsPlus reports. The system features a dashboard that reports and analyses ratings, enabling businesses to adapt and respond proactively to feedback, and it comes at a significantly lower price point than competitor options.

Terry Webb, CEO of RatingsPlus, said: “We want to disrupt the market with a low-cost ratings and feedback solution that allows businesses to gather crucial information on their customers, without the expense of high cost market research.”