Raw pet food brand, Natural Instinct, introduces a new way of shopping for your pet


Premium raw pet food brand, Natural Instinct, is thrilled to launch its Natural and Working Dog raw food bundles. As many return to busy schedules post-lockdown, the new cost-effective pet food bundles will provide the ultimate nutrition and variety our pets need, while helping to save pet owners some much-needed time!

Made with convenience in mind, the new raw food bundles include x5 tasty meals, available in 1kg or 500g packs, as well as two treats. With all dogs in mind, pet owners can pick between the Natural Range bundle which features a wide selection of recipes, or the Working Dog bundle which includes meals with a slightly higher meat content and added Vitamin C to support dogs in active work!

All Natural Instinct complete meals include 100% British meats, with added fruits, vegetables and natural supplements to create wholesome and most importantly, tasty meals. From Chicken & Lamb, Tripe & Turkey and even Duck, there is a flavour and texture available for every canine friend!

For pet owners who’ve been considering a raw diet, Natural Instinct’s money saving bundles offer a perfect chance to transition your pet, slowly introducing a variety of textures and flavours.


1KG PACKS £45.00 / 500G PACKS £50.00 (FREE SHIPPING)

Includes packs of: Natural Chicken; Natural Tripe and Turkey; Natural Chicken and Lamb; Natural Beef Tripe; Natural Lamb

PLUS x2 Treats: Beef Jerky and Chicken Hearts)!


1KG PACKS £35.50 / 500G PACKS £40.50 (FREE SHIPPING)

Includes packs of: Beef; Turkey; Chicken; Chicken and Tripe; Duck

PLUS x2 Treats: Beef Jerky and Chicken Hearts

Rachel Kirby, spokesperson for Natural Instinct, says: “We are thrilled to launch our brand-new raw food bundles. Building on our no stress, no mess philosophy, we’re always working hard to find ways to alleviate stress, save time and encourage pet owners across the UK to feed raw. A well balanced and complete raw food diet contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins that a dog needs to live a long, healthy and active life.

We hope our 100% natural, frozen raw food bundles will provide a great way for dogs to try new recipes, as well as support pet owners who would like to transition their pet to a raw food diet.”