Ready-to-serve Coppa Cocktails make their debut

Coppa Cocktails: new ready-to-serve range

Coppa Cocktails: new ready-to-serve range

A new range of ready-to-serve cocktails, developed by professional bartenders, has been launched onto the UK market.

Coppa Cocktails offers a range of 10 vodka, rum and cacacha-based recipes and has won a number of awards at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2010; including Best in Class for its Mojito, and Bronze medals for the Long Island Iced Tea and Cosmopolitan varieties.

According to the company, the quality of the Coppa range follows through to the packaging, with silver cocktail shaker-style bottles, which create the impression of a handmade drink. 

RRP is around £7.99, with around five to six servings/bottle.

The company reports it has sold one million bottles across Europ and Coppa provides a profit opportunity for the on-trade, at the same time as providing an instant cocktail list. “With a recommended price of around £4.50/serving, operators can achieve 300% profit/drink; take into account the speed of serve that Coppa allows, and a busy bar or pub can significantly boost peak-time profits,” it said.