Recipe kit service HelloFresh launches new Family Boxes


Recipe kit service HelloFresh has announced the launch of their new HelloFresh Family Box, available at from £53.99 (for a family of four). The new HelloFresh family box has been created to help families stress less when it comes to mealtimes. It will offer an all new range of tailor-made family-friendly recipes designed to appeal to kids, teenagers and adults whilst also bringing variety to dinner time. The new Family Box recipes have been developed with busy parents in mind, each dish requiring less hands-on cooking time and a minimum number of pots and pans, saving valuable time cooking and clearing up in the evening.

A HelloFresh customer and busy working mum has said how much the Family Box has helped make meal times easier; “Normally I know what I’m going to cook but it still eats away at my mind. I am irritable because I know I have to think about preparing and gathering everything. With HelloFresh I found myself less stressed because I knew I could just walk to the fridge, get it out and then everything was there.”

The new range of recipes in the Family Box have been thoroughly tried and tested by parents and kids to ensure even the fussiest of eaters won’t be leaving the table hungry. The added ‘Flavour Twist’ recipe step allows adults or those with more adventurous palates to add optional ingredients such as chilli or herbs in at the end, giving the recipes a tailor-made feel meaning the whole family can enjoy the same meal together.

HelloFresh UKs CEO, Claire Davenport, explains: “As a mum of two myself, I understand the everyday hurdles families face when it comes to mealtimes. With rigorous testing from our HelloFresh families, we’ve listened to our customers’ needs and developed the new product based on their feedback. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do here at HelloFresh, so we’ve aimed to make family meal times more enjoyable, delicious, nutritious but most importantly fuss and hassle-free.”

New Family Box Recipes

The three-meal weekly Family Box includes a choice of six recipes from a selection of delicious family-friendly meals such as:

Turkey Stir Fry Sweet Potato Cottage Pie
Pizza Burgers Cheesy Tomato Orzo
Mild Sausage Chilli Mild Sri Lankan Curry
Cheesy Chicken Chicken Casserole