Red Bull launches new summer edition

Red Bull® reveals the mystery taste of the 2021 Red Bull Summer Edition. Introducing the Cactus Fruit edition, with a fresh and delicious red berry taste, this exotic drink is perfect for summer days and nights reconnecting with friends and family.  

Red Bull Summer Edition Cactus Fruit flavour offers wiiings with a special taste for the summer season. Delivering all the functional benefits of Red Bull Energy Drink, this year’s Red Bull Summer Edition is inspired by the unique looking yet utterly delicious exotic fruit known as Cactus Fruit, flavours which will transport you even when you can’t travel far from home. Previous Red Bull Edition tastes include Watermelon, Coconut Berry and Tropical. 

After a winter of lockdowns and lost experiences, this summer is about adventure, and all good adventures begin with the thirst for something refreshing and new. When you crack open a cold can of Red Bull Summer Edition and experience your first taste, expect an intense red berry burst which blooms into an exotic fruit and violet flower finish. The drink’s bright magenta colour not only looks gorgeous when paired with a mocktail but is also the perfect accessory for those summer snaps with friends at those long-awaited days and nights out.  

Red Bull Summer Edition Cactus Fruit drink is available in 250ml cans in matt green at RRP £1.35 to be easily identified within the rainbow of colours offered in the Red Bull Editions line. This taste is on sale now at various locations across the U.K and is available whilst stocks last. Visit learn more.