Redemptions via mobile apps outstrip printable vouchers, survey finds

VoucherCodes: redemptions via mobile apps outstrip printable vouchers

VoucherCodes: redemptions via mobile apps outstrip printable vouchers

Redemptions via iPhone apps now outstrip printable vouchers, according to’s Quarterly Voucher Usage Report – a seasonal snapshot of the key trends driving voucher usage.

Over the last 12 months has seen the number of vouchers accessed through smart phones grow steadily, as increasing numbers of both retailers and shoppers embrace mobile technology.

In October 2011, the app accounted for just 20% of offline voucher redemptions. This figure has grown steadily since then with the app now outstripping printable vouchers, representing 52% of all offline redemptions. 

Mobile browsing has also had a huge impact on the retail market over the last year, said researchers. In Q2 2011 just 9% of traffic to came through mobile devices, but 12 months later mobile accounts for a quarter of the sites 5.5m monthly users, an increase of 194%. 

Access through Apple products accounted for 80% of this traffic. Samsung and HTC devices enjoy the next largest shares, with just 6% and 4% of mobile traffic respectively.

Max Jennings, co-founder of, said: “Consumer appetite for discounts is voracious and while the printable voucher market is still growing very quickly, the rapid adoption of smart phones has meant we’ve seen the number of app redemptions overhaul printables for the first time ever.

“With the general public smart phone equipped and the technology required to offer shoppers these solutions becoming more widely available, the voucher industry is poised to enter a period of significant mobile growth.”

“The final barrier to mass adoption is the retail industry itself, as the integration of mobile technology into merchants’ point of sale till systems requires buy-in and serious investment. However, with increasing consumer demand for smart, mobile solutions, we’re seeing more and more merchants embracing these exciting new technologies to help drive marketing strategies.”