Rejuvenation Water seeks crowdfunded cash to launch first-of-its-kind plant-based health pods


Plant-based functional drinks brand Rejuvenation Water has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to fund the launch of a range of innovative plant-based Health Pods for Nespresso compatible coffee machines.

Founder Kris Ingham who launched his award-winning functional drinks brand back in 2016, is now looking to raise a minimum of £5k to bring the new Health Pods launch to market. If the raise is successful, the first products could be available in retailers as early as Winter 2020.

 Designed to be consumed hot, in an espresso sized shot, the three-strong range of Health Pods will have functional, plant-based ingredients and will initially be focused on three key areas of health: 

  • Immune System
  • Gut Health 
  • Energy release

Ingham says: “With more coffee being consumed in the home due to Coronavirus, home coffee machines have never been so popular, but for too long pod innovation has been seriously lacking and has always been constrained to coffee.  So, after two years in development, at a time when looking after one’s health has never been more important, we want to unleash our plant-based Health Pods onto the market. With help from the crowd through our Indiegogo campaign we can make this happen and completely shake up the category.”

Introducing the range

Immunity Pod – Turmeric & Beetroot 

 A blend of Turmeric and Beetroot enriched in prebiotic plant fibre, amino acids and Vitamin A, D and E. Each pod has 50% RDA of Vitamin C and D and 83% RDA of Vitamin E, contributing towards the normal function of the immune system & towards the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Immunity is caffeine free so can be enjoyed throughout the day. 

  Energy Pod – Matcha

Using Ceremonial grade Matcha enriched in six B vitamins, the Energy Pod contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue as well as contributing to normal energy-yielding metabolism. The Matcha provides the natural caffeine source whilst the prebiotic Fibre ensures that the energy is released slowly and sustainably over a longer period. 

  Gut Health Pod – Ginger & Lemon

With a natural kick of Ginger and Lemon, the Gut Health pod is packed with prebiotic Fibre as well as Calcium, contributing towards the efficient function of digestive enzymes. Gut Health is caffeine free so can be enjoyed throughout the day.

All three functional Health Pods are natural, plant based, and contain no added sugar, sweeteners, colours or flavours. Each product in the range has 6 clean ingredients and will provide a natural balance of protein, fibre and carbohydrates to help you through the day. The range is gluten free, GMO free and completely Vegan.

Sustainable design with plant-based compostable packaging 

59 billion aluminium and plastic capsules were produced in 2018*. The majority of these capsules will end up in landfill, where they will stay for up to the next 500 years. This represents a real ecological problem for the ever-popular capsules market and something that Rejuvenation had at the forefront of their mind when developing the range.

The capsules are made from a unique, plant-based biomass meaning that the pods are fully compostable. This means that you can dispose of the capsules in the general rubbish or food waste and they will be returned to Mother Nature with 18 weeks. 

Boxes of 10 capsules will be made available for retail and can also be delivered direct to the customer’s door (D2C). 

All packaging including postage boxes are plastic-free and made from recycled cardboard. 

The Indiegogo campaign which launched on Wednesday 23rd September will be live for 30 days. The funding and probable overfunding is expected to not only help secure the first production run of Immunity pods later this year, but also support the launch of the other pods in the range during 2021.

Ingham continues: “We’re asking consumers to get behind us by placing an advanced order through Indiegogo. We are offering some great discount rewards for investing including12.5% off a single box of 10 pods (RRP £7.99) and 47% off a 1-year Immunity pack subscription**.  If we secure the funding our supporters will be the first to receive their order direct to their door after the very first production run.”