Relish the barbecue season with essential condiments and ingredients


With over half of the UK population (56%) indulging in a burger out of home last year, this barbecue season provides the perfect opportunity for caterers to reinvigorate their burger offer with versatile condiments and ingredients that can enhance dishes to entice the ever-demanding consumer.

“The days of when a burger consisted of two halves of a white bun, a patty and limp lettuce are long gone and caterers need to ensure their menu offer has more varied choice. Today, with everything being captured on Instagram Stories, visual appeal is vital, but taste and presentation still need to be at the forefront to gain repeat business and recommendations,” explains Daniel Duprat, foodservice manager at Bennett Opie Limited.

“Caterers need to find ingredients that can be used across an entire menu for a wide selection of dishes, whether they are meat or plant based. There is still a pull towards classics, so one must-have ingredient has to be the humble gherkin. Love them or loathe them, quite frankly, a burger isn’t the same without a tasty, crunchy gherkin. As Opies are a market-leading brand for gherkins, we are confident in their versatility and know that gherkins go just as well with grilled meats as they do with things like bean burgers and jackfruit. In addition to this, they can also be used in other staple dishes such as salads, grilled cheese and the traditional Ploughmans.”

Opies has a dedicated, high-quality foodservice range that can be conveniently stored in an ambient atmosphere until required. With a long 18 month shelf life and packed into catering-friendly packaging, operators can select from a diverse selection that includes barbecue staples such as gherkins, pickles and chutneys, as well as great components for salads like capers, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and red cabbage.