Renshaw taps into £576m home baking market with consumer range

Renshaw: new home baking icing range

Renshaw: new home baking icing range

Renshaw, a leading manufacturer of cake decorating products and supplier to the bakery trade for over 100 years, has launched its first consumer range.

The move targets the growth in the home baking market, which Mintel valued at £576m in 2010.

The products comprise four convenient cake decorating lines plus a children’s range, developed in tandem with the children’s baking book series, Flossie Crums.

Renshaw and Flossie Crums sugardough: edible playdough

Renshaw and Flossie Crums sugardough: edible playdough

Renshaw has invested £500,000 in the launch, which it is supporting with an integrated marketing campaign including a new website – – and digital activity.

The products will go on sale in multiple retailers including Morrisons, Tesco, Waitrose and Lakeland from July 2011.

Marketing controller Ruth Stead said the trend to home baking made it the ideal time to launch new lines.

“We wanted to bring in products that are easy for consumers to use and convenient,” she said.

Stead added the launch has been overseen by an experienced team, that has been “baking for decades”, supplying the likes of Finsbury Food, Greencore and Park Cakes plus sugar craft shops.

The mainstream range features:

  • Snip and Swirl, a ready-filled piping bag of icing, available in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla and two nozzle patterns. Rrp is £2.49 per 400g pack, sufficient to top 12 cupcakes
  • Ready to roll coloured icings in six colours (black, red, green, pink, blue and yellow). Supplied in individual 250g packets, rrp is £1.25. Seasonal variants, such as orange for halloween, are also in the pipeline
  • Simplymelt, a range of toppings in microwaveable pouches. The Simplymelt chocolate chips come in five flavours: strawberry, milk chocolate, white chocolate, toffee and yogurt. They can be used as a topping or coating or to make products such as crispy cakes. Rrp is £1.39 per 200g pack
  • Edible Icing Ribbon. Claimed to be a market first, this pliable ready rolled icing is designed to wrap around the bottom of a cake to create a professional finish. Rrp is £2.49 per ribbon, sufficient to cover a 30cm diameter and 5cm deep cake
Magic Melting Icing: Renshaw Juniors range

Magic Melting Icing: Renshaw Juniors range

Renshaw has teamed up with children’s author, Helen Nathan, to launch its Juniors range with joint Flossie Crums branding.

Nathan’s third book, Flossie Crums and the Royal Spotty Dotty Cake, is pending and features Flossie baking a range of treats using the Renshaw Juniors range.

Nathan has previously teamed up with McDougalls Flour to launch a Flossie Crums promotion for a baking book in the major supermarkets and is looking for other licensees related to baking. Nathan describes her character as the “Angelina Ballerina of baking”.

The Juniors range comprises:

  • Cool Coloured and Funky Flavoured Sugardough – likened to edible playdough – the sugardough is available as a flavoured pack (strawberry, orange, lemon and chocolate) and in bold colours (red, green, yellow and blue). Both products include all natural colours and ingredients, which explains the price differential for the coloured pack – green and blue  are reported to be extremely expensive colours to achieve with all-natural products. Rrps are £1.99 for 4 x100g of flavoured sugardough and £2.59 for 4 x 100g of the coloured variants
  • Magic Melting Icing comes in three flavours – raspberry, blackcurrant and tropical. It is designed to be warmed in the microwave to pour over cakes or tray bakes as a topping or mixed with butter to a make a butter cream filling. Rrp is £1.09 for a 400g tub