Retail and leisure complex, Grand Central Stockport, celebrates waste management and recycling success

Grand Central Stockport: waste success

Grand Central Stockport: waste success

A leading retail, entertainment and leisure complex is celebrating the success of its waste management and recycling programme.

Grand Central Stockport has gone from no recycling to more than 85% since B&M Waste Services was appointed to spearhead a major waste management initiative.

In 2013, Grand Central recycled 85.7%, saving 42,796kg of carbon in the process – the equivalent of 36 trees or more than 9,000 car miles.

Following the opening of B&M’s £1m Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) facility in Trafford Park, Grand Central’s recycling levels will achieve 100% this year.

B&M was appointed by CBRE Management Services which provides facilities management for Grand Central.

Prior to bringing on board B&M, Grand Central had sent all its waste to landfill. B&M initially carried out a detailed audit to determine the amounts and types of waste produced and then developed a comprehensive strategy covering general and food waste, cardboard, glass and dry mixed recycling.

Susan O’Brien, building manager for Grand Central, said: “We had a very clear objective to ensure that we were doing everything we could to protect the environment and promote sustainability. As soon as we began talking with B&M, it was clear that they would be the ideal partner to help us achieve our goals and, together, we worked to engage fully with our tenants.”

As part of the initiative, B&M provided tenants with posters, stickers and other promotional literature to encourage segregation at source through informed information and training.

B&M has become a specialist in retail sector waste management and recycling working with a number of other leading retail centres including The Lowry and Manchester Fort, both in Greater Manchester.

Rob McIlroy of B&M Waste Services said: “We are delighted with the results we have been able to achieve by working in partnership with CBRE and the management and tenants at Grand Central Stockport. This team approach has been a major factor in achieving as much as we have in a relatively short space of time.

“We provide Grand Central with a comprehensive reporting system endorsed by the organisation Carbon Footprint which details the amount of carbon saved, the equivalent number of trees and car miles and the amount of material reused for RDF.

“We are particularly excited about the benefits our new RDF facility in Trafford Park will bring, delivering 100% diversion from landfill in a cost effective, compliant and sustainable way.”

B&M has a number of high profile clients in the North West and across the UK including retailers, schools, universities, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing sites, large corporates and SMEs.

The company is one of the UK’s largest independent waste and recycling specialists employing more than 170 people across its sites in Trafford Park, Wirral and Norwich.