Retail: re-thinking the way we shop


Retail is changing, and it’s safe to say that it’s never going to be the same again. Although many people are shopping online more so than ever before, the demand for high street stores is still there. What retail establishments need to do is change the experience to attract customers back over the threshold of their four walls. 

But what can we expect the next time we step into a shopping centre or supermarket? With Amazon opening its first Amazon Fresh in the UK, using a whole host of sensors and AI technology to track what customers are buying and spending, is the shopping experience about to change forever?

Virtual reality to help the imagination

Whether you’re wanting to imagine yourself in a certain outfit for a special occasion or want to visualise a new sofa in your living room, virtual reality could help you do just that. It’s an exciting way to make shopping much more experiential. 

More technologically advanced stores

Technology will no doubt bring together the best of both online and offline retail to improve the overall customer experience. The benefits of stores becoming more technologically advanced are exponential. It will speed up multiple processes so that staff can focus more on customer service and providing a better experience. Electronic price tags, for example, are a great way to cut out employees re-pricing items daily or weekly. 

A more personalised shopping experience

Thanks to data collection from consumers, retail establishments can make the experience much more personalised. Technology has made it possible for customers to see personalised advertisements as they look around the store based on their search history. Whether you’ve been browsing for a new handbag or for scandi home décor, you’re likely to see more and more advertisements pop up as you browse the shops!

Environmentally friendly shops

When thinking about the future, retail establishments of all kinds are going to have to put a focus on becoming environmentally friendly. Unfortunately for some this may mean remodelling and implementing changes. From the shop floor and all the customer facing areas to those used by employees, providing more modern and eco-friendly facilities is the way forward. Starting with the shop floor, display signs that convey the shops environmental ethos, which can also be seen in the shops branding and clothing displays. Follow this through to all areas of the store including the washroom; use natural soaps and dispensers with biodegradable paper towels. No matter what your shop sells, a green remodel might be what your establishment needs to attract new customers.