Retail robberies on rise says ACS

New crime statistics gathered by ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) have shown an alarming rise in the number of robberies and burglaries in the UK over the last 12 months.

The trade body has called on Government and the police to do more to help retailers to tackle crime, and has advised retailers that investment in crime prevention measures is vital.

Key figures from the ACS crime survey include:

A 30 increase in the number of robberies

• An 11% increase in the cost of each robbery

• A 19% increase in the number of burglaries

• A 190% increase in the cost of each burglary, which now amounts to an average of £6,091

ACS chief executive, James Lowman, said: “These figures show a worrying increase in robberies and a shocking increase in the cost of burglaries over the past year, illustrating the need for more effective crime prevention measures in local shops.

“This responsibility lies partly with the Government to deliver the right policy framework and practical help, but also partly with retailers who should see these figures as a reminder that investment in effective crime prevention measures is now, regrettably, an essential part of running a local shop.”

Lowman said community shops are left exposed to the threat of violent and acquisitive crime without the support they deserve from local police and agencies.

“Retailers need to take the initiative and engage with the police and local partnerships, but these agencies need to be more attuned to the real problems faced by retailers and their staff,” he said.