Retail space experts CADS win Sainsbury’s Innovation in Technology award

Sainsbury’s has awarded retail spacing solutions company CADS for its innovative use of technology at the recent awards for the supermarket giant’s strategic partners.

At its Strategic Property Partner Conference, Sainsbury’s presented CADS with the innovation award, highlighting its industry-leading application of new technology. 

“We’re thrilled to be recognised by such a large and successful organisation for our stand-out use of innovation. We’re dedicated to continual development of the range of services and software we use to support our clients, so this is a true honour,” said Guy Moates, director of CADS.

The industry event was created by the supermarket to acknowledge and reward its many commercial partners who help develop, maintain and optimise their extensive network of physical stores. These partners ensure Sainsbury’s is able to put its best foot forward in serving customers.

Sainsbury’s awarded several other strategic partners for their contributions to the supermarket’s property portfolio. These awards included sustainability, safety and innovation in service. 

CADS delivers retail spacing solutions, helping supermarkets plan the internal layout of their stores to maximise customer experience and boost sales.

It provides a range of software and services, from surveying and improving layouts in current stores, to using modelling to optimise customer behaviour in new or planned shopping environments.

Sainsbury’s prestigious award was in particular recognition of CADS’ StoreSpace® software, which makes retail planners’ lives easier by using sales data and AutoCAD-based modelling to help improve profitability.

“Our partners play a vital role for us at Sainsbury’s, ensuring we are well set up for our customers wherever they choose to shop with us,” stated Sainsbury’s in coverage of the awards ceremony on social media.

CADS works for many major brands, delivering services for a number of the UK’s largest supermarkets, as well as other retailers including Marks & Spencer, Primark, B&Q and Pets at Home.

Established in 1984, CADS now occupies offices in Great Yarmouth, Leeds and Wolverhampton from which its team supports clients across the UK and beyond.

CADS also has a retail design agency called Prosper, based near Milton Keynes, which brings retailers’ brand personality to life through interior design.

“I’m proud to say this award was won by the continuous hard work and creativity of colleagues across our business. We’ve been creating profitable, efficient spaces to save our clients time and money for 38 years – and we know that innovation is critical to both their and our success,” said Moates.

More details of CADS and its services can be found at