Retail Times launches e-surgery for online retailers with eSellerPro


Retail Times has teamed up with e-commerce software supplier, eSellerPro, to launch an e-surgery for online and multi-channel sellers. In the first clinic, Keith Bird, CEO at eSellerPro, tackles questions on e-commerce technology

Keith Bird: multi-channel retailing advice

Keith Bird: multi-channel retailing advice

Q&A 1

Q: I already sell online through my own website and understand the benefits of selling via other channels such as Amazon and eBay, but am concerned about how I will be able to manage my inventory over all these platforms. I don’t want to ruin my chances of success by earning bad feedback by over-selling – how can I ensure this won’t happen?

A: Overselling should not be an issue if you have the right technology in place to help. Implementing an e-commerce system into your business, such as eSellerPro will enable you to list inventory simultaneously on two or more channels. Stock is automatically deducted from all marketplace inventories when goods are purchased through one channel. Protection against over-selling can be further enhanced by automatically de-listing products that reach a pre-defined minimum quantity.

Q&A 2

Q: Is an e-commerce system essential for multi-channel retail – can my business still succeed without this technology?

A: An e-commerce system is not essential, but it certainly makes things a lot easier. Selling on multiple platforms can be an extremely time consuming task in operational terms, and therefore retailers may often have to compromise on other areas such as marketing and customer service in order to manage this. The only other way to relieve this pressure is by taking on more staff, which in turn will cost the business a lot of money. Introducing automated technology reduces the man hours traditionally associated with the customer order cycle and enables the business to grow without increasing headcount.

Q&A 3

Q: Will implementing an e-commerce system into my business be a time consuming task?

A:  Like any new software it will take time to get things up and running, but once the initial implementation is complete it will save time rather than consume it. Once retailers get a product up and running on the system it can be listed across multiple platforms saving retailers the chore of listing products individually.