Retail traffic analyser, ShopperTrak, sets up new shopping centre business unit


Retail traffic counter and analyser, ShopperTrak, has formed a global business unit to address the needs of shopping mall developers and centre owners.

Todd Starcevich, ShopperTrak’s chief executive officer of Europe and the Middle East, will return to the company’s corporate headquarters in Chicago to lead this team. The new business unit will be responsible for deploying the full suite of ShopperTrak services – shopper counting and analytics, real-time data, mobile access, interior analytics, fully managed support and reporting services – to create products and platforms customised to the needs of the shopping mall business.

“The role of shopping malls and shopping centers is changing rapidly,” said Starcevich. “As the relationship evolves between retailers and their ultra-informed and empowered customers, our team at ShopperTrak will work closely with shopping mall owners and managers to ensure they stay ahead of this change and have the necessary information to make critical business decisions.”

ShopperTrak works with major mall owners and developers in more than 350 shopping centers globally. The company provides data, analytics and insights that help shopping mall management plan and manage marketing budgets, attract and select retail tenants, and establish lease lengths and rates. The questions and issues that confront mall managers may differ from those faced by retailers, but their missions remain the same – attract and satisfy retail shoppers.

“Successful shopping malls provide a positive experience for their shoppers,” said Starcevich. “ShopperTrak helps mall management accomplish this goal from the day they open. Mall executives use our industry-leading data and analytics to determine which tenants to pursue, where to position stores in the mall, and how to help everyone build an active, loyal customer base. With this information, mall owners and operators across the globe can seize opportunities to maintain a competitive edge and attain their full potential and profitability.”