Retailers missing a trick in online data gathering, new research reveals

Retail marketers are failing to leverage the potential customer data available to them with more than 80% omitting to ask customers for simple yet invaluable insight, according to research from  Emailvision, a leader in marketing automation and customer intelligence.

Consumers want targeted, tailored messages and to receive personalised content based on their personal information, website activity and past purchases; yet Emailvision’s study proves retailers are missing a trick by not gathering relevant information from their online customers such as gender, address or date of birth and using the data they have to create more meaningful conversations with their prospects and customers.

Emailvision reviewed the websites and sign-up processes of the top 100 UK e-retailers, as defined by IMRG (based on site traffic), to develop the first Retail Email Benchmark Study. It found more than 80% of top retailers do not maximise their data capture potential from online sign-up forms. Although half ask for first name and surname (58% and 51% respectively), 82% fail to ask for gender, 86% don’t ask for an address and 81% don’t ask for a date of birth – all straightforward information fields against which data can be simply split to provide better targeted email campaigns for customers.

In addition, although 95% of companies do have an email programme in place, 5% of UK retailers are missing out entirely on a key revenue generator.

“Marketers need to be increasingly effective in what is an ever-challenging climate,” said Henry Smith, director of product marketing at Emailvision. “Retailers are seeing increased inbox competition with a multitude of offers and promotions falling into consumers’ inboxes every day. In order to better stand out from the crowd marketers need to unlock the potential of their data to build better customer relationships, based on trust and move from broadcast to dialogue marketing. Market as if you only have one customer.”

Emailvision said its customer intelligence technology helps marketers deliver more relevant and personalised online marketing experiences. Campaign Commander helps solve the data challenge for marketers by providing SaaS Customer Intelligence that is integrated into email, mobile and social campaign management. Marketers can explore detailed profile data including purchase behaviour and responsiveness to past campaigns and are given the visibility and insight needed to build timely and targeted campaigns that deliver results.

Emailvision last week announced its acquisition of PredictiveIntent, a pioneer in behavioural targeting and predictive analytics technology. This technology extends Emailvision’s customer intelligence offering, empowering marketers with the ability to deliver content and promotions that are tuned to the behaviour and characteristics of their subscribers, fans, followers and website visitors.

The study was designed to explore and recognise best practise in the sign-up process, offer guidance on the key areas where small improvements can lead to substantial rewards and help marketers to optimise their online marketing programmes for their organisation.

Although not one company put through Emailvision’s Retail Email Benchmark Study demonstrated best practice in all elements of the sign-up, Marks & Spencer, New Look, Debenhams and Very outperformed their competitors, demonstrating the best online sign up processes to maximise their customer intelligence potential.